Pressure in my head stops me every time

Hi all,

I have this problem where this intense pressure builds in my head whenever I start getting close to a super O… And it always pulls me out of the moment. I think to myself that this can’t be good. I feel if I keep going something bad might happen. Another way to describe it is the feeling you get in your head when you push hard on the toilet.

1. Is this dangerous?

2. Is there any danger for being in this state during the whole orgasm?

3. Do any of you experience this?

Have fun!



  1. Are you breathing during this time? Something like this usually happens when you tense up and are not breathing. If not, when it happens again try to take some deep slow breaths!

  2. I have had some scary moments as well on my way to the big O. Go around these sensations, they are part of your learning. Live with them, find the best way to relax and reduce the tension.

    One way that works for me is to breathe as calmly as possible. Try to let go off your abs.

    Good luck!

  3. I had to learn where the pressure in my head was coming from. Your case may be different, but I was so lost in whatever sensations, I didn’t realize I was almost displacing whatever was going on in my crotch. Still, I had to doublecheck my blood pressure, just in case. Oddly, it’s the most normal it’s been in a decade.

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