Which aneros works the best for you?

While I think arousal and relaxation are bigger factors, different shaped aneros give me different results. I started with a helix trident and I feel like it originally gave me the most intense sensations, but it tends to be inconsistent for whatever reason. I also have a eupho which feels good but never got much out of it until my fast few sessions with it.

Last two times I have used the eupho I was moaning into my pillow for 15 minutes straight. I think the more you use the aneros the more control you get over the device. Because the eupho is so thin, its harder to control and it takes more muscle control to be able to “relax into it”

I have a progasm but besides the novelty of being filled up, it doesn’t do anything for me in terms of dry o sensations. I know some people swear by them but for me its more like a buttplug for me. I feel like its using a stick of dynamite to dig a hole when you can just a shovel.

I use to feel that lots of lube was super necessary, but I have achieved my best sessions with using mild-moderate amounts of lube. Little on my finger, little on the device put it in and take it out once or twice and Im good to go. IMO too much lube is like jerking off with too much lube. I also find too much lube trigger the feeling of having to use the bathroom.

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  1. I keep going back yo the Eupho Syn trident. It just hits the right places and has the best movement. Helix trident syn is great too. I have the same thought as you on Progasm also, it feels good to be full but it doesn’t move well so fails to adequately stimulate my prostate.

  2. I only have the Syn and so far it has given me everything I was looking for, and more…

  3. I’ve only used the Helix Syn trident and it is A-MA-ZING! But, everyone is different and what work for me may not work for someone else. Having said that, I’m really interested in getting a white Eupho, just for a change of pace.

  4. Ive only got the Helix Syn which I’ve had for a year or so and the Progasm Ice which I got a few days ago and tried once . Needed a break after the prograsm use . The Progasm was a completely different experience compared to Aless or Helix Syn. I was really warmed up before using it, but man the initial feeling was making with instant p waves when I first put it in. But it hits on the prostate so firmly and constantly that you get the tingle at the tip constantly at some point . It leads to a feeling like if you were to stroke only the head of your dick after a while which feels really good, but incredibly confusing at first . I got up to pee twice because I thought that feeling was distracting. Overall I’ll not be going back to my syn for a bit . But we will see after tonight .

  5. * I think any “change of pace” (new toy for the first time or switching it up via position/lube/other stimulation/etc) always brings progress and/or feels different in a great way
    * On the same note, In a single session, switching to a different toy with a different focus (eg Progasm (big and forceful) to the Eupho (small and nimble)) is always a great move
    * personally I don’t like the syn models (relative to the non-syn ones). I find that the rigidness of the hard plastic ones works better for me. The syn models have some “drag” that can be nice but overall I think I’m of the unpopular opinion that the non-syn models are better. I do feel the syn models may be better for newbies since they are a little more forgiving (less likely to make you sore), but I wonder if it would actually be faster to use a harder plastic one instead.
    * the Tempo is an often-overlooked gem and I feel it doesn’t get enough attention on this sub. It’s very different from the other tridents but shouldn’t be overlooked for the curious. The sensations are very different than the other trident models. Find it on sale and it’s totally worth it.

    All that said, I think my favorites are the Eupho, Tempo, and program in that order. That said, I still love and use the MGX and Helix often as well. Which one(s) I use depend on how I’m feeling that day. I really don’t think you can go wrong with any particular model, they’re all just a tad different. Sometimes switching to a different/new model brings major progress… but once that progress has been found, going back to the older toy brings new sensations. If I were just starting out, the only one I don’t think I’d recommend is the Tempo since it really gets much better once your prostate is awakened.

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