How to use Aneros Peridise?

Hey guys.

I just got a Peridise and a Helix Syn Trident, and I’ve had one wet ‘gasm with the trident. However, I’ve tried both sizes of the Peredise and I haven’t really had anything happen for me yet.

I left the small size one in while I slept, but nothing happened there. I had the larger sized one in for a few hours, but no feelings other than the feeling of just having something inserted.

Am I doing this wrong?


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  1. i like the small one, i have it in now. i like too do some anal or pc contractions. also like too goon/edge with it in and not allow myself too cum. actually the only reason i’m replying too this post is because this is the toy (smaller one) that made me realize just how multiorgasmic i am. hopefully it works for you too, but we are all different. not too long ago i would wake up having orgasms with it inserted and i would literally say ”ooohhh it’s soo skinny 😍” lmao i just love how thin it is and how it feels when i contract. try different things with it. if you are a newbie too aneros stay away from your dick, but after you are accustomed, try different things my only advice is not too cum and work those muscles! this is my favorite model just because of the comfortability

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