1. I’ve tried thicker stuff but still prefer water based for the increased movement. I like Nooky brand that I saw recommended here or r/prostateplay a while back. I feel the Progasm is a tricky one because the girth lends itself to pushing the lube “away” faster. Maybe that’s just in my head though haha. If you haven’t tried already “injecting” (with an applicator or bulb enema/etc) the water based stuff helps a lot.

  2. I have the Progasm, I use coconut oil. It’s high density plastic, no issues. I just like the glide of coconut oil.

  3. I swear by Sliquid Silk, slick, thick, long lasting and safe for silicone toys as well.

  4. A bottom only gay guy I asked a long time ago a out this topic swore by preparation H for extremely long sessions with butt plugs and stuff like anerose. Sliquid silk & J lube are usually the go to though

  5. I don’t have a Progasm, but over time I’ve used both coconut oil and water based astroglide. I really like coconut oil, but make sure you don’t have any allergies. Coconut oil can be scooped out into tiny balls and frozen. This makes it super easy to manage internal lubrication. It’s a bit messy and lately I’ve been using the water based astroglide with really great results.

  6. Aloe Cadabra

    it’s a vaginal moisturizer and comes in different flavors for a nice scent.

    but i have to admit. for a long term session an oil is better. I have used corn oil.

  7. Cannabis infused coconut oil. I make it from Sativa oil infusions and inject ~ 3-4 mL (~10 mg THC) and then coat the toy with Shea Butter. No head high but super relaxed and comfortable.

  8. I use Boy Butter (original version) and a lube shooter, as if you just lube the toy, inserting it through the sphincter just pushes off most of the lube. Lube shooter is about .25″ in diameter, and I put in about a 3″ hunk of Boy Butter, slightly insert and squeeze it in, then lightly lube the toy and insert. I have done many overnight sessions and it lasts that long.

  9. Weirdly, the water-based Sliquid Sassy has been my favorite so far. The thinner silicone lubes haven’t been very good for me, thick ones are better. With Sassy it’s pretty thick and pretty long lasting. My favorite part is it lets me use one lube for everything now.

  10. Been using Swiss Navy silicone for years with hard plastic aneros (Eupho, Helix, & Program). Best silicone lube I have tried.
    No break down of device. Use a lube shooter for longer sessions.

  11. Vaseline with cocoa butter mix is my go to now… cheap and lasts a looonnng time… a lot more slippery with the added cocoa butter ingredient…

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