So then I’m looking at the “help” part of the aneros forum.

and there is literally some guy who has the same problem as I do. and you know what some other guys response was? “you are expecting something” and that’s a mental block”.

Really? that’s your answer? He’s literally saying that “your problem’s not the aneros, its all in your head.” So the poor guy that posted that is the one to blame?

This guy has the same problem I have, he puts it in and doesn’t feel a thing. He does all kinds of things and nothing.

I swear i’m thinking this whole thing is a fucking scam and I fell for it. Someone told me to try one of the other aneros toys. NO !! I’m not throwing good money after bad. I already bought TWO of these pieces of shit. The Progasm jr won’t even stay in my ass as it comes out right away. who designs this crap ?? I think aneros spent $10 on research and Millions on marketing.

And I got taken for $120.



  1. You’re not going to like this, but they were right. You do have to be in the right state of mind. You are throwing around some wild accusations with zero evidence right now…

  2. Maybe you can sell them on EBay? OR…. Maybe you you take my advice on the CBD oil (25 mg at the least)…. oR another help would be the Larginine gel that you can purchase at Walmart online.. but no, you’re just ready to give up… too bad…

  3. It is very difficult to know exactly makes up someone that has success immediately compared to one that feels nothing, but in my experience as well as the hundreds of anecdotal reports I’ve read, is that people that are mindful, lack stress, and try to find interest in the experience rather than the goal tend to have the most enjoyment and often reach some fantastic orgasms. Physical health is also naturally going to be a factor.

    I don’t want to wind you up, but finding external blame in the toys not working is not the way to go about it. If you’re not prepared to figure out the relationship between your body and mind in conjunction with this toy, then I would recommend throwing them away.

    Aneros is not pay to play and there are no cheat codes.

  4. Unfortunately for you they are correct. And the Aneros experience is largely based on an internal rewiring process which can take a long time.

    For years your body has trained itself that it can do something to force out an orgasm but that’s not the case with Aneros toys. You have to relax, and enjoy the feelings as they come through. You won’t have an orgasm on your first try, in fact it took me almost 4 months to even begin to start to feel anything from mine.

    What makes it feel good for you is the best technique to use. It’s possible that all the commonly suggested tactics don’t work for you (they didn’t for me). It’s not a scam. It’s about relaxation, persistence, and trial and error.

  5. Anger is going to block your progress. Either give up prostate play completely or take a step back, regroup for a couple weeks or months, and try again when you are in the right mental space. Ultimately, prostate orgasms may not be something you are able to achieve but it doesn’t mean that everyone has your experience.

  6. First of all: I’m sorry in advance BUT They are 100% correct with their response. With anger and frustration as your or the other guys fuel, you won’t get anywhere. The truth can be quite hurtful sometimes but again, this entire process is 99% mindset and maybe 1% technique. So what separates the successful from the not so successful is: relaxation, not forcing yourself, just being in the moment and enjoying the sensations. Keep in mind, the sensations are responsible for an orgasm. So skipping them is a bad thing to do. If you want a quick orgasm: jerk. You learned that as a kid. Prostate orgasms are different, so stop making assumptions on how it’s suppose to work. Like going aggressively on your p-spot just cuz you learned that excessive rubbing of the penis results in orgasm. That is NOT correct. You need a passive mindset, the active mindset is not helpful.

    I am sure you’ll think: “hey but i am relaxed” – no you are not, your post, your disbelief, your eagerness to experience it, your frustration all subtract from your relaxation. This whole super-o thing is actually so darn easy if people would finally understand that THEY (their egos) are the only thing that holds em back. Not more not less. Spending more and more money on toys, reading guides etc all day, all this is not required. Stop overthinking, drop your disbeliefs, you are really just manifesting your own failure. Again: the only thing one needs to do is enjoy the tiniest of sensation without being immediately frustrated upon insertion. And with all things in life that you do multiple times, with each repetition you eventually become better.

  7. Masturbation is mostly mechanical. Stroke your dick until you come.

    Apply the same reasoning to prostate massage and you will be stuck.

    My first sessions involved clenching and pushing and those same mechanical movements I knew of from masturbating. It didn’t work.

    I also read the forums and this sub. The only piece of advice that comes up in every conversation is that you have to let go off of your expectations. Listen to your body reactions. Guide it where it feels good.

    And eventually you may get there.

    When you masturbate, I suppose there may have been a few times when you were not that horny and gave up? Prostate massage is more like it. You must be in a state of mind that is prone to relaxation.

    Good luck!

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