Does anyone pulse their pc muscle?

I know that people contract their pc muscle but I was wondering the rate of the contractions. I found that quickly pressing the outside of my pc muscle got me close to orgasm, so I figure something similar would be helpful for the aneros. However in reality, it seemed like the rate might be too quick and I was focusing too much on the act of contracting. Also for those who pulse, how quickly and how hard are you contracting?



  1. The rate and/or strength of contracting certain muscles is something that you need to figure out. It’s relatively simple, just try it and decide what feels best, and then you do exactly that. There is no pulse per minute value that you can copy, i mean, who would even measure that in the first place.

  2. My pc muscles will pretty much pulse on their own now as I get relaxed enough and an open mentally to allow to happen.

    This was definitely a learned response from practicing Kegel exercises. Once it gets going its fairly rapid pulses. Looks like my penis is vibrating like a tuning fork. Once its gets going it feels amazing and I go through cycles of rapidly pulses for a minute or so that end up with a dry orgasm like contraction(s). then the cycle continues.

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