Got Helix Trident – Want Something More

Hi all,

I started my journey with the helix trident to some mixed success. I went on to try some other toys (Hugo) which to me feel better than the helix. If I start a session aroused enough, I can feel warmth and flutters right away when I put my Hugo in, but this doesn’t happen with my Helix.

I’m wondering if there is a bigger/fuller or just different aneros model that I should look into. I just don’t think the Helix is hitting me right.



  1. I have the Progasm and the Eupho, l prefer the Progasm, it’s fuller and more intense feeling. I think unfortunately there is no way to find out for sure what suits you best without trying them.

  2. I bought the Maximus… 1” vs 1.25”… I’m tight and anything bigger than 1” hurts so I have had extreme success with my Maxi… yes the Helix Syn was my first and I can work it, but no where near the success I have had with Maxi… just had a 2 hr session last night that was amazing… over 10 PO’s (lost count) and it seemed like 30 mins. Just need to find the right fit… if your tight then I recommend the Maximus if you can still find them… good luck with your mission…

  3. I recommend either/both the Progasm and the Eupho. The Progasm is like a steamroller that puts pressure all over which is nice, but lacks movement. The Euho is like a laser beam that puts intense pressure in one spot, but it can dance around and it feels amazing. Generally I prefer the Eupho, but I recommend getting both if you can catch a sale. Another fun recommendation that I like that doesn’t get thrown around here much is the Tempo. It’s markedly different and I love to use it as a warmup. Again though, wait for a sale if you can.

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