I find that there are at least 2 way to contract muscle

And they seems not the same muscle.

One is the PC muscle which same as when you are finish pee. You contract it 2-3 times to squirt out your last urine. It’s also same **pull up your dick** when it’s hard.

**This way it’s like a “↑”,** because when you doing this your dick jumps

Another one is like “–> <–” And it won’t makes your dick jump.It’s like to concentrate on 2-3 cm away from the root of balls, towards to anus but not penis.

(It’s like when you finish the pee. You don’t pee out hard which is reverse kegel. But to squeeze muscle from two sides gently. It can still squirt out some urine. )

When doing this your dick might jump up very little. Or you can even do those two movement together or one after another.

About the second way. It’s not fixed. But very dynamic. You can move the concentrate point more away. And even just on the anus.

Try to squeeze the anus and you should feels warm inside.(If you doing it for 5min or more)

I find that second way might push the massager toward the belly but it still pull back the massage which makes it work like traditional way.But I good point is it won’t make you tired.

It’s not same as reverse kegel which is the act of pee. (pee act move pc muscle but my way is to move other set of muscle)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/o6gktk/i_find_that_there_are_at_least_2_way_to_contract/


  1. Not sure what exactly you are talking about but muscles are pretty much tissue. Contractions of muscles promote the cells in that tissue to expand and/or change the form itself.

    And yes we got a few muscles down there.

  2. I completely understand those two contraction methods. I always tried Kegels and my dick ended with an erection… I understood time later I could do contractions and my dick does not move. That’s what I have done with Aneros and I reached an amazing point last session.

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