First time experience – HF wet orgasm

Hi all, new to this thread. I recently bought the Aneros Helix Trident model, which is my first Aneros product. Whilst I’m not a novice with anal sex toys, I’m hardly a pro, but given the smaller size I wasn’t particularly worried. I did a lot of research about how best to use the aneros, tips for beginners etc, so I knew the importance of feeling the moment and not to expect too much at first. I set aside a good couple of hours for my first go, and after getting myself relaxed and aroused, I popped it in. At first it felt a little uncomfortable, but this sensation quickly subsided as my muscles adjusted and it fit very nicely. I started touching my body and focusing of my breathing for a while, before I started gentlly flexing my muscles and feeling the sensations this led to. At first, I wasn’t really getting much, apart from some involuntary anal twitching, and the contact against my prostate was a very strange feeling to me, but as I kept tensing, I started occasionally to get some mild pleasurable sensations, and some mild spasms. My error at this point was to keep trying to get these sensations and not focussing on what I was feeling and I spent about half an hour not really achieving anything. At this point I was starting to lose interest, and my mind was wandering and I barely felt aroused at all. I decided that I would put on some porn to help, I watched my favourite video – and this made a huge difference. Even without flexing my muscles I was feeling pleasurable sensations, which I didn’t realise at first because I was focusing on the porn. Slowly I started flexing, which felt really good, and I really tried to focus on the porn which was helping. I was doing this for about 20 mins, and this pleasurable feeling was really building up, and it felt like I was getting close to a regular orgasm, I could feel it building up. My technique at this point was lying on back, with my knees bent and feet on the bed, and as I tensed I put my legs together and squeezed and pulled my bum off the bed, which stimulated my penis slightly as I was pulling my balls back with my legs which stretched the skin of my whole penis – which felt very pleasurable. I should say that whilst this was happening, I had a very clear goal, which was to reach this peak that I was feeling, I wasn’t doing as advised and taking the pleasure as it was coming, but I could feel it building up and I was really enjoying it. Eventually, I got to a peak, and my stomach starting convulsing and I started spasming as I felt an orgasm come, which turned out to be wet, and I came over my stomach. This was all without touching my penis with my hands. The orgasm was very good, but nothing mind-blowing, and to be honest, whilst I enjoyed the experience, it was a lot of work, and I’d rather just jerk off normally. My question is, is there anything I could/should do differently to maximise this experience more? Is there a method or such to be able to not have a wet orgasm, Whilst I experienced lethargy after ejaculation, I did notice that it wasn’t as much as normal, and I was horny again in perhaps 2 minutes after, which is much faster than normal. Any tips/advice would be really appreciated!


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  1. Usually the idea of the Aneros is to have dry orgasims. That’s when you get the amazing ones everyone talks about.

    I found the best way is to lay on the side and just relax and do nothing. Just enjoy the sensations and concentrate on them. Don’t try and do contractions yourself… they will come. Just relax and enjoy.

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