1. How often does the rock-off slip out? Does it happen in certain positions or all the time? Not Aneros, but my lovense edge doesn’t slip out much. i also don’t use it much, but I remember it only happening sometimes when I try thrusting my hips.

    You might not have wanted to know, but to help answer the title, Neither the Helix trident nor Eupho trident slip out (both hands free, but not vibrating).

  2. Haven’t tried that but I have the Helix Syn Trident and Progasm and neither fall out. Looking at the Syn V you should definitely be able to use hands free. It’s possible vibration could make it easier to fall out.

    I haven’t used a vibrating Aneros but several cheaper vibrating massagers. My 2c, if your goal is dry prostate orgasms, go for a non-vibrating Aneros. It takes time to learn but works. In my experience vibration is just too much and will desensitize your prostate before you can dry climax. But, if you just want something easy that feels good vibrating toys are great.

  3. I just wear some underwear sometimes. It reduces the mobility of the aneros but it keeps it from slipping out. If you want a prostate toy that is less likely to come out [Njoy](https://www.njoytoys.com/product/pure-plug-2-0/) makes plugs that are big enough to stay in place but they’re pricey. [Icicles](http://mybedroombully.com/index.php?id_product=278&controller=product&id_lang=1&search_query=gold+icicles&results=35) used to make something similar in glass.

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