1. First of all, what’s your budget? You can buy an aneros Helix or MGX for 50 bucks, not less prolly and i would recommend you that. Aneros massagers are the best for that prize IMO. Of course, you can buy something cheaper for for example 25$, but if u do this, maybe you will throw money down the drain. Aneros is verified.

  2. If you’re willing to go a lil more than your budget, the Progasm is a great pick. Some recommend getting the Helix first but in the end, you’re gonna wanna upgrade to something bigger so why not get the biggest first off imo and just use that

  3. There are tons of toys around, you might wanna be a bit more specific.

    Do you want something for active stimulation or something that’s passively just sitting there?

    Do you want something that vibrates?

    Which material? Glass, metal, plastic?

    Do you care about the fact that there are cheap toys that are made with toxic materials that unsafe for insertion (PCV, TPE, jelly etc )?

    What’s your budget anyways?

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