Condom? (and a couple other questions)

Three quick questions for you experts about the Helix Syn Trident I just got today. It’s so nice and new…I hate the idea of having to stick it in my ass lmao! But having said that…..

1. Do you guys put a condom over it or not? I’m obviously going to clean it, but I’d like to keep it from smelling too much like ass….if you know what I mean.
2. Also, what do you use to clean yours? Soap and water, or stuff like rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide?
3. Finally, what does everyone find is the best lube? Water-based commercial lube or stuff like coconut oil, etc? All I know is you’re not supposed to use silicone lube.

Any experienced users who are willing to guide me with some advice would be awesome. Thanks for helping!



  1. 1) no i personally don’t as it makes the mobility kinda awkward to me. It smells a bit yes, even tho i regularly wash it, however it does not smell if i don’t put it anywhere near my nose.

    2) regular tap water and soap, isopropyl alcohol would probably destroy the toy in the long run, no h2o2 solution either

    3) i personally prefer water based lube

    There are tons of guides around in this sub / the official aneros forums that give you a good idea. But I’d say you kinda have to experiment around and see what works for you. There is no definite answer to it, some people including myself prefer a passive approach

  2. If your toy is plastic, you can use all sorts of chemicals to clean it as well as any lube you want.

    Silicone toys are the ones with special requirements. You need to avoid silicone based lube (unless you put a condom over it) but it is fine to wash with soap and water. Silicone does have different grades with the top grade being fine to wash with isopropyl alcohol, bleach, or even boiling water (the latter probably not being good for toys with motors in them.)

    I don’t put a condom on it. I give myself a little water enema before I start and that takes care of it, but you can use a condom of you like.

  3. 1. I use a condom. Seems cleaner to me. I can add more lube in the condom to get more movement without my cleanup
    2. Soap and water
    3. Lube I’ve found that works for me is lube gel.

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