Progress with my helix syn. Two HFWO

I have had a helix syn for a couple of months now. I’m new to aneros but not new to prostrate play.

The last two nights I’ve had a lot more time than normal to play with my aneros. I was excited all day to do it, so my adrenaline was definitely going. These were some of my best sessions ever.
I was tracing the good feeling and just going with them, and both times I ended up finishing with very strong HFWOs. It’s never happened before, it was amazing. But I also want to know what I should do to avoid that and continue with dry orgasms.

Also, if I feel good feelings with soft contractions, should I go with that instead of the “do nothing”? I’m wondering if I should just embrace what feels good. And I can’t even tell if my “involuntary” contractions are truly involuntary, or if I’m contributing to it. I’m so in the moment it’s hard to tell.


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  1. Do what ever you feel.. experiment… it’s all part of the journey… you got this and you already know it… cheers

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