Supernatural experiences?

Hi all.
I’ve mastered the super Os for about a year now but lately every time I play with my Aneros (supported by a bit of weed and poppers) it seems like I am having intense abnormal experiences.

Last night was definitely the strongest one. After a crazy super O, I was able to notice that my body was extremely sensitive, not only by sensations, but pretty much open in a supernatural way…. Kinda hard to explain but it almost felt like my soul had literally disconnected from my body, which let to some sort of godly, religious, don’t know how to explain, type of connection.
One of the most vivid moments was when I was breathing so heavily, that I checked my heartbeat many times to make sure everything was OK.

At the same time it was horrifying, I kinda wanted to keep going, to the point where I was too curious to see what was next.

Wanted to see if someone else has felt that way or experienced something similar.



  1. Take a deep breath, relax. You are okay. I personally have not had this experience. But I have read of others that sound similar. They all were okay. You will be too! 🤗

    I just wanted to be a message of reassurance for you. You probably just entered an extreme version of zen meditation. Being a new experience along with all the pleasure, it just overwhelemed you for a bit.

    Feel free to message if you would like just to talk!

    Edited to add: This could also be an effect of the weed, making your experience a bit more intense. Weed can increase anxiety sometimes. I have had some slight attacks while high but you come down amd come over it.

  2. In 2016 I had a really powerful super-o and multiple in a row that lasted minutes and minutes, whilst high on poppers and it was not dissimilar to a very mild DMT trip for me.

    I saw patterns, geometric shapes and a tree made of light. Like I said it’s not as intense as DMT, but it had a not dissimilar feel. This experience has happened only a few times since, although I have been able to reach what can only be described as a super-o, or mmo, or both, since….none have been as powerful as these rare occasions in which I see psychedelic images lol.

  3. If you’ve mastered the Super O you wouldn’t rely on weed and poppers. IJS 🤔😉

  4. I have experienced exactly this – in short it was before I really knew anything about Pwaves but had dabbled lightly with anal toys. Anyway, I took some mushrooms, and when they really hit I was a mixed bag of: sent out of my body, communicating with something, and experiencing whole body, orgasmic pleasure which originated at my base, or my prostate. This lasted for hours and varied in intensity depending on my focus.

    When I read about people and their super Pwaves or whatever, it checked every single box of what I had experienced on shrooms….well sort of.

    Anyway, ever since I’ve felt motivated to explore this, and try to attain it naturally. I’m convinced for various reasons that psychadelics have things to teach us, and for me this is one of those things I guess.

    Anyway, the concept of surrender is pretty important in psychadelic trips. I would like to reiterate that if this happens again to you to not panic, but surrender to the experience. You are and will be okay, and even challenging experiences are presented to you for a reason. Face them with courage, curiosity, and an open mind 😊

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