1. 2 years in for me too. Just started taking it seriously last month.
    Forget expectations, abstain from stroking the pole, use more lube than you think necessary, coconut oil is good. Enjoy every subtle tingle and your body will learn to nurture them. Good luck.

  2. It is a learning process that requires patience and diligence.

    You need theory, that is to say you need to read the wiki of the Aneros site and any other source of information.
    It takes practice, i.e. about two sessions per week for several months in a row.

    The key elements for success are known: no expectations, relaxation, controlled abdominal breathing, patience, surrender and attention to the prostate area.

  3. What worked for me: Kegel exercises 3 or 4 times a day until my pelvic muscles were in great shape. Mindgasm lessons 1-3 helped me understand and separate key muscles. Stopped traditional orgasms at the end of my sessions.

    Most importantly I learned my mind of expectations and began to deeply focus on the feelings and relaxation of all the muscles in my groin. The relaxation portion was the real breakthrough for me.

    I’ve been on this journey for many years and know that for most it doesn’t just happen in a few weeks or months even.

  4. It has taken me well over 2 years but I first started out using the Helix Syn more as a penile orgasm enhancementbwhich I enjoyed immensely…just really started my Journey abt 10 months ago, and can finally achieve both HFDO which I totally prefer and the HFWO… which is also nice… so good luck and do the necessary work to achieve success.. Also, nipple play is extremely helpful and really adds to the build up… Cheers

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