Broken Helix Syn

Last night, I had my first session with my broken Classic Helix Syn. The hard plastic inner core of the perineum arm broke while washing it last week. The only thing holding it in place is the outer silicone coating.

I lined up my Eupho Syn just in case the HS was rendered useless but to my surprise, I did not have to swap. The session was excellent even with greatly diminished pressure on my perineum. The classic Syn models are already weak in that area. #

The abutment part on the perineum provided great sensation as it acted more like a tickle than hard pressure. This proved to me that very light pressure, to the point of just touching, produced excellent results for me.

I wouldn’t go as far as suggesting to break off the arm on a Syn unit to anyone but if it does happen, it’s not useless. This one stays in the collection!