Diddling techniques as of January 2020

Hi guys,

In the two and a half months of our enforced “absence” for our web site while it was undergoing redesign, I have continued along with my diddling sessions in bed at night along with occasional Aneros sessions.

Basically when I diddle my nipples at night. I have two basic diddling motions:

1. Back and forth movement over my nipple (or both) with a finger or two. This sort of movement revves up the nipple sensation a great deal.

2. Circular movement around one or both nipples on their aureoles. Or the nipples themselves.

With these two movements, I can produce a Super-O or even a MMO.

It is all so sweet and powerful.

Take care.

Source: https://www.aneros.com/diddling-techniques-as-of-january-2020/