The only lube you will ever need again (and it’s homemade)

Hi guys,

I’ve been aneros user for a couple of years and I’ve tried many different lubes without being completely satisfied. I found a nice recipe in aneros forums and I tweaked it to my liking. It is incredible, because the final result has the consistency of a vaseline and you also do not make any mess when you get it in. So here it goes:

* 5g shea butter
* 5g food grade bees wax
* 20g coconut oil

Heat it in a double boiler, or a microwave until everything melts, put it into a small plastic container and let it solidify in the fridge.

Now when it’s solid, I like to cut it up into long suppository like pieces (each piece enough for 1 session). When you cut it, store in the freezer.

The secret here is wax, which mixes with other fats and creates a superior texture when cooled down. You can play around with different oils and amounts as well, the only requirement here is to use bees wax.

Whenever I want to have a session, I just go to the freezer, take 1 piece, put it in, and wait a bit for it to melt. In this way I do not need any prelube shooters, and it all stays inside without me making a mess around my ass. I dont even coat my aneros, I just start working it in, and the lube is applied immediatly without any mess.

It works for syn and plastic models, so you do not need to worry about it as well. You could probably have 24 hour long session and it would not dry out.



  1. Cool. Does it stain? Sounds really good! How did you come about this mixture? And thanks for sharing!🙂

  2. I use olive oil because it seems to have a little more viscosity but the main thing is bees wax is the [answer.You](https://answer.You) can mix this so it actually takes soap and a little scrubbing to clean the aneros but my sessions don’t last much more then an hour so I cut back on the wax.

  3. This is using your brain. You’ve taken something and made it easy to use. Easy to store. And fun !

  4. How long do you cut the pieces?

    I have only used coconut oil on its own and I find that when I put the frozen pieces, it kind of shoots up too high? I’m a little unsure of this but it didn’t work how I wanted.

  5. Looks like the mixture I use for my bondage ropes (Shea+BeesWax) but with lots of Coconut Oil.
    I’ll try it, thank you.

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