A little closer to super o….maybe.

Just finished my session playing with my prostate. I still cannot believe the ‘do nothing’ technique works the best for me. Usually, once i put in my progasm jr, i lie on my back and stay relax while imagining sexy things.

I only concentrate on using my pc muscle, just about 5% to 10% only but very rarely. Usually, i try to get hard rock erection by nipple stimulation and this helps, leading to involuntary contraction on my pc muscle which feels very pleasurable.

That good feelings will intensified until i reach a moment where i feel my ass or my pc muscle or my prostate (i’m not quite sure which one)hug the progasm very thight inside of me and it really does feels good. I can feel precum leaking from my penis, not a lot but it is obvious.

Mostly, i use my imagination of getting sensual blowjob to help me stay rock hard, so that, that pleasurable feeling of my prostate(i guess) squeeze hard my progasm last longer. Usually, i can maintain this for almost 2 hours until i feel tired and stop.

I still have not been able to achieve the glorious super o but i think i am getting closer to it. I can feel this ‘do nothing’ technique might be the best way for me instead of clenching my spinchter muscle. For me, lightly and rarely contracting pc muscle helps me a lot in this journey. And of course, need to be highly aroused.

Hopefully one day i get to experience super o that u guys having and i cannot wait for it. 🙂

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  1. Sounds like you’re on the right track, dude. Stay relaxed and don’t chase the big O. In my experience, it will hit you out of nowhere.

  2. Also you don’t need to be rock hard. Usually it will come and go, but for the most part usually soft.

  3. I think you’re shooting yourself in the foot by imagining the bj, just be relaxed and really focus on what you feel from your ass.

  4. Keep going. But the white rabbit that is the prostate orgasm does not always follow the same path. Experiment, play with your senses and give a go at every pleasurable sensation. One day it may come from nowhere and shake your body like never before.

    Enjoy the journey!

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