1. Try adding more lube.

    Also, if it hurts, stop.

    Is the toy too big for you, or does it feel like it’s rubbing?

    If It’s rubbing, is it inside or outside? Is it the tabs or something inside you that’s hurting?

    Usually the answer is more lube. Get a lube shooter and learn to use it. Lie on your side and lift your top left toward your chest. Lube your hole. Use your lube shooter. Lube the toy and insert it slowly, taking a big breath and then breathing out slowly as you insert the toy. Personally I remove and re-lube the toy a couple of times just to make sure everything is slipping correctly.

    Use a lube made for anal play or use virgin unrefined coconut oil.

    Don’t ignore the pain. Stop and try again, or just stop for that session. It might take time to get accustomed to what’s happening.

    Good luck!

  2. did you put some torque on the toy as you put it in? sometimes when i insert my aneros the toy spirals one way and grips the rectum causing it to hurt.

    try to insert is perfectly straight in

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