Considering a new Aneros

I am considering a new Aneros. I’ve been trying helix trident several times a week with each session lasting about an hour plus. I feel like I’m just not getting anywhere any more. I’ve tried different positions, I give it time. I’d like to try the eupho trident or program? I’m worried the model might be too long or too short. It just feels like it’s not hitting the right spot

Is there a good time to buy for sales?



  1. You need to just rewire your brain. If there’s a thin stream of precum during your sessions you’re hitting your prostate. You just need to awaken it.

  2. Couple thoughts…

    * plateaus are real, sometimes it just needs time… Sometimes mixing it up helps (but remember it’s not the Helix’s fault so don’t forget about it). You might also try some new lube while you’re at it.
    * either the Eupho or Progasm are great second choices. Longer-term I’d recommend grabbing both. If you can find it on sale, the Tempo is another great option.
    * if you’re worried about the model size/angle, try manually moving the toy while it’s in and see if you can get some sensations. Dont rely on this, but experiment a bit. The Eupho will give you a steeper angle but the Progasm is like a steam-roller that puts pressure everywhere.
    * re: sales, lovehoney has them somewhat regularly, and you can stack coupons (eg: new member newsletter) with them when they happen.

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