I cannot believe what has just happened here today! A few days ago, I made a post saying I think I did it. WRONG! I FUCKING JUST DID IT! My god, I could literally feel the precum going through me to get to my penis! The screams I just made! I haven’t screamed like that on a roller coaster! I kept screaming fuck me! I need to thank all of you for the help. I’m still going at it, just took a break to type this, and I can feel it still tingling! I love you guys!



  1. Congrats!! Tell us all about it when you’ve had time to digest it all 😁

  2. Awesome.. it just gets better .. now u know how you’ll unlock a whole new side to orgasn.. its quite amazing…

  3. You… my friend… have achieved Nirvana… congratulations and keep it going… nothing like it…

  4. I’m curious what were u doing, what was Ur technique. For me do nothing works the best, but still not super-o. I’m getting closer though. Some day, prolly soon, i will be squirming.

  5. Congrats! More and more men are learning amd reaching Super O! Hope you have many more. I have yet to achieve it but I’m enjoying what little I do get out of it.

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