Greatest pleasure I have ever felt and improvements in my life across the board.

I am a little over a year on my aneros journey and damn this shit is intense. Honestly have never had such sexual pleasure in my life. I have had some good penile orgasms in my life, but the intensity and duration of prostate pleasure is phenomenal. You have to be in the mood, but when they hit they are as crazy as people say they are. Its changed my whole perspective and understanding of sex and pleasure.

I think I am rewired so to speak. Within seconds upon insertion, I feel pleasure as my ass sucks the aneros into place. I exhale and immediately start breathing heavily. I then get these insane erections and the throbbing begins. Shortly after I get these pwaves that feel like orgasms in themselves over my pelvis and perineum. I then start to feel my prostate to start spasming similar to when you are ejaculating.

When I get horny now, its not just my dick, my whole pelvic region starts to tingle. My ass and prostate area get filled up with energy. Honestly sometimes just the thought of it makes me so aroused. There is this newfound desire to occupy my ass. Similar to the desire of wanting to bust a nut, my body now “wants” anal/prostate pleasure.

Because I am more sexually fulfilled, I dont have the need to chase women for casual sex and funny enough my luck with women has improved. I’m not so desperate to get off and I can just view women more as who they are which makes me more comfortable around them and viewed as more authentic because sex isn’t the only thing on my mind. This improves my chance of finding a more compatible partner because I don’t have dick goggles on all the time.

I overall just feel more in tune with my body, and more balanced. I rarely watch porn anymore, and I have a healthier perspective on women. I eat healthier to avoid shit problems, I exercise to keep myself healthy so that I can get off better. I do those things regardless but its another positive reinforcement because there is a reward for it to. I find that my moods are more stable and consistent, where as ejaculating too often can sap all of my energy. I have a pretty high libido and would masturbate pretty often which gave me mild death grip, which led to ED issues, which led to having some very underwhelming sex.



  1. This sounds like something that I need to look into. I’m so happy for you.

  2. The eating right to be clean is a huge win. Nothing worse then craving a session and not being able too.

  3. I just finally got a super o from mine, and both times, my legs feel like I’m walking on a cloud after I’m done. It is probably one of the most intense experiences I’ve had!

  4. How much better is regular sex? Have your ED problems subsided? Do you bust bugger loads?

  5. Excellent synopsis… Nirvana explained!! “I pity the fool”… who doesn’t believe these PO’s are real…. Cheers…

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