Update Helix Syn Trident arrived a couple hours ago!

Got all my responsibility done for the day and have had it in for about 2 hours now to prep took a nice shower and cleansed, layed on my bed and have been relaxed and feeling just zoned out almost like I smoked weed but I’m sober haha, have had quite a few sensations already but overall just a very calming and chill experience, just got up to smoke a cigarette and was going to take it out but this thing has this amazing balance to it with the 2 little things (can’t remember what they’re called) that go above your anus and on the taint so I’m just walking around the backyard enjoying it and as I’m walking around I’m even feeling sensations, a couple instances of weakening of the knees haha, looking forward to the future with this thing as I know this is just the beginning but have never experienced a toy this comfortable and really does just adapt to your body, very pleased!!!! 😁😁😁😁

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/p4epk5/update_helix_syn_trident_arrived_a_couple_hours/


  1. Good start. Try the do nothing method lying on your back, knees up and just concentrate on staying relaxed and feeling the subtle stimulations on your prostate and taint. Don’t touch your penis at all, just the nipples if you’re into that. Super O can happen out of nowhere as the pwaves build up. Good luck!

  2. Try using anal muscles to move it to one side and clench your thigh and hold it when I do that I can just relax and enjoy minutes of bliss.

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