How do you not fall asleep with the aneros in?

So I had a session tonight and it was going really well, getting good feelings down below and might have made some good progress. I ran into a problem however when I realized I was almost falling asleep in the middle of my session. It’s pretty late at night, about at hour after I normally start to go to sleep, and I also did something different where I didn’t listen to any audio or look at any porn, just layer there with the aneros in. I nearly fell asleep, and because I’m in a busy house there’s few times I can have an aneros session except when it’s late at night like this. Any advice on how to stay awake with the aneros in without looking at anything stimulating like porn?



  1. I often have a sort of break in the middle of my sessions where the orgasms stop and I start to daydream and almost fall asleep. When I realize that this is happening, I refocus on the sensations coming from my prostate and the orgasms start again. I have to say that I vaporize a bit of weed before my sessions and so I tend to be very… relaxed sometimes.
    So I would say that the solution is to focus again on the pleasant sensations and make them grow.

  2. Cause when you wake up it’s dry and painful af to take out lol go through that you’ll never fall asleep with it in 😂😂

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