New user struggling with patience/focus

Hi! I got my Helix Syn V about a month ago and have done a handful of sessions. However they have all gone like this:

I start watching some porn until I’ve been aroused for several minutes. I insert the aneros, lie back, and focus on my breathing and sensations for about 10 minutes, then begin to play with contractions.

If I turn the porn off at this point, I just get sleepy and find it impossible to focus.

If I leave the porn on, I get dick-horny and run out of willpower within half an hour, finishing myself off with a traditional orgasm.

Did any of you experienced users struggle with this starting out? What did you change going forward to help with it? TIA



  1. Yeh it was hard for my first time too. All I can say is that it will take time and don’t force things. My advice for you is to not masturbate for a few days and then to use the aneros, and try to really feel the pleasure with each session you do.

    Everything else ur doing right though, idk if ur contractions are hard or soft, keep them nice and light .

  2. I don’t watch porn in my sessions but I was getting dick-horny towards the end starting out. My focus would shift from enjoying the sensations to wanting to ride the Aneros like a dildo accompanied with a strong urge to grab my dick.

    What I did to curb that was to stop the session when I started to feel dick-horny. Took some willpower and effort but it paid off.

    Jerking with an Aneros in is amazing but I know better things are coming if I can leave my dick alone.

  3. This takes some time and patient persistence. Trying to force or will a prostate orgasm is like trying to sweep water up hill. First do not masterbate for a few days or a week. Let your arousal build up. Stay completely away from porn. It’s just a distraction for me, and maybe for you. If you have enough arousal built up you won’t need it. If I’m not mistaken the Helix model you have a vibratory toy. I have to date after 3+ years never had a prostate orgasm using any vibrating toys. Non vibrating toys no problem. Vibrating toys numb my prostate. This could be an issue for you. Turn the vibrations off if you can. Lay on your back, elevate your butt, feet flat on the bed, knees up, use a good lube ( like coconut oil with a lube shooter ) btw, don’t use this lube with your syn. Use with a plastic aneros. Put your toy in and totally physically and mentally relax. Don’t do anything. Just surrender to your toy and really try not to expect anything for awhile. Another thing, do not traditionally masterbate after a session. This will prolong your rewiring and make it take longer to have success. Just leave your penis alone for awhile. Wish I knew this early on. It took me over a year to get consistent prostate orgasms. Some people can get them in weeks. Everyone has a different pace. The hard part of this is finding what works for you. Also, try some nipple play. There seems to be a link or connection between your prostate and your nipples. I can have nipple only dry orgasms in under 5 mins. So wake up your nipples. It definitely helps. Hope this helps you. Good luck.

  4. Just enjoy the beat off with the aneros in play… doesn’t seem like your ready to do the research and work to achieve PO ‘s… that’s ok.. it takes preservance and dedication..

  5. I really enjoy it when someone is fingering me and stimulating my prostate. Each time, when Aneros is inside me, I imagine that someone is fingering me right now. Playing with my nipples gives me the idea of someone licking them while stimulating m prostate.
    That helps me a lot.

  6. Develop the will power to allow you to focus. If you aren’t prepared to do that then as another reply stated, you aren’t ready and in the right mindset for a PO.

    Enjoy what you are doing but I’d suggest you set a goal of no penile stimulation with a set time (few weeks, few months) and go from there.

    If you miss that goal, set a new one. It’s all fun and pleasurable in the long run.

    Once you have the self control to just listen to your body, focus on the subtle feelings coming from your prostate, and just enjoy what comes without any expectations you will be on your way.

  7. The way you phrase it should be worrying. Without porn you are bored and sleepy, while it’s just fine with porn. Maybe you should reconsider your consumption of porn.

  8. I have found sitting on the toilet helps me control the muscles, rate, grip. Then when I lay down I can focus better on what I’m doing.

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