Near Continuous ALess Pleasure

I’ve been working on my re-wiring (and enjoying every step of the process) by repeating a simple meditation 5 or 10 times a day. I draw attention to each segment of the male pleasure canal that runs from the rosebud to the cockhead. I pause and focus on the rosebud, inner sphincter, chute (rectum), PC muscle, inner jockstrap (the “top” pelvic floor muscle in MindGasm-speak), the prostate, penis bulb (root, deep in the groin) and cockhead. Each pause sets up tingling and tickling sensations. Involuntaries often spin up spontaneously, and if so I sometimes give them a boost with a manual contraction. If convenient, I press a finger on the rosebud and cradle the perineum in my palm – that always gets involuntaries going strongly. Then I just ’em do their thing and go about my other activities.

I’m finding this routine produces subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) residual sensations of pleasure up and down the canal. At things point, I’m feeling some degree of pleasure during most of my waking hours. Sometimes I wake up with involuntaries going in synch with PC contractions linked to morning wood. Sometimes I wake with zero sensation in the anal region, but bringing attention to it activates the pleasure circuits.



  1. Know exactly what you mean about bringing attention to the area activating pleasure. So interesting isn’t it!

  2. I just had my first Aless super o last night. And my first super o for a couple years. It lasted for 5-10 minutes.

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