Where Do I Go from Here?

I posted a few months ago about my first super-O ([here](https://www.reddit.com/r/ProstatePlay/comments/noes6w/supero_induced_by_nipples_and_assisted_by/)) and I had some questions about my progress since.

As I noted in that post, under the influence of a marijuana edible and with an Aneros and manual nipple stimulation, I managed to have a continuous rolling orgasm that took the form of pleasurable muscle contractions starting in my feet and moving up my legs all the way to my head and back down again. At no point did I ejaculate, but I masturbated the conventional way during that orgasm and it felt incredible. Since then, there have been developments I wanted to run by the community here:

* I have been able to get to this state of muscle contractions running through my body with an Aneros and nipple stimulation without the use of edibles, but it’s not anywhere near as pleasurable when I’m sober. Is that normal? I imagine that it is, but that it could change with time and become more pleasurable.
* My first super-O moved up my body starting with my feet, and the feeling that began there is unmistakable. Now I occasionally get that feeling in my feet when I’m at work or sitting on my couch, and it’s accompanied by the urge to give myself another super-O. Is this rewiring, and what does it portend?
* I still have yet to activate my prostate so that it becomes a pleasure zone when I bottom, ride my dildo, or use my Aneros. Initially, my nipples were the same way, but then they came to life in a permanent way when I did acid back in June 2020. I plan to do the same sometime soon but focus on my prostate instead. Has anyone had any luck doing that themselves?
* I’ve recently been reading about the vagus nerve and its role in orgasm, particularly clitoral and prostate orgasm. What do people here think/know about how it relates to prostate play specifically? There are techniques for stimulating it such as holding your breath for a while, which may be why autoerotic asphyxiation is as popular as it is, but are there others, specifically ones that involve massaging some part of the body or relate directly to the prostate?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/pmwl5l/where_do_i_go_from_here/