1. I use boy butter lube and it works really well for me (and my boyfriend). It’s silicone and oil based so no go for syn, but it lasts forever and then washes away really easily with soap and water

  2. I’ve always used silicone lube with a syringe. Be careful where you buy your lube, because there’s a lot of fake knock offs. Particularly on Amazon. I usually buy from other sites that have a much higher standard so I’m not sent something bad.

    I’ve never had too much of an issue with clean up but it’s possible it might not be ideal for you.

  3. I use coconut oil plus Crisco, it works very well but it’s not easy to clean and it will stain cloth.

    However, it’s slick and it lasts forever. Coconut oil in a lube shooter, Crisco on the toy.

  4. J-lube. I use it for all my anal play because it doesn’t dry out but is still water based. Since it is a powder, you can make it to the viscosity you like.

  5. Whatever you use… use a shooter and put 5ml up there… then lube the aneros well….

    Makes a world of difference once its already wet inside

  6. I do “oil and water” or “oil and silicone” so the two types of immiscible lube slide across each other! My oil lube is either:
    1) a mix of coconut oil and shea butter, which forms into easily inserted plugs.
    2) CBD-infused coconut oil (available as Grunt Oil CBD from forttroff.com)
    After inserting the oil lube, I also slather it onto the plug, and then drizzle on the water lube.

  7. Shea butter is king. Buy bulk online, melt and pour into the narrowProgasm Icecube trays designed for water bottles. Put in freezer for a day, then remove and cut into portions that suit you. After freezing, wrap in a paper towel and store at room temperature. Slide one in before a session and you will be amazed at the difference. YMMV

  8. Tenga hole lotion real (red). It is water based and anal safe. Thicker and silkier than other water based lubes, but it doesn’t get sticky.

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