My Second Tryst

Part 2
With my eyes closed I grasped the head of my erect cock; it felt hot and smooth in my hand. Anticipation of sucking his penis had forged mine to iron hardness. I love sucking cocks and swallowing rich creamy semen. Placing my middle finger in the sulcus underneath my cock head I began to gently massage it. I did not rub hard enough to encourage ejaculation but rather just firm enough to edge myself and keep it rigid. The deep cleft that sculpts my crown was slippery from my profuse precum. Aneros practice has increased my precum flow manifold. I was pleased I was already hard for him, I wanted it to be erect, or at least firm when he saw it in person the first time. I am relatively large erect. I like showing my size to male and female partners when I am aroused; I like to flaunt my sexuality as I am an exhibitionist at heart. My fingertip began to make little circles in my cleft as I slowly swung my pelvis back and forth. I imagined I was dancing in an erotic performance for spectators; as I saidf I am a closeted exhibitionist. Looking in the mirror over the desk I opened my eyes to admire the lewd dance I was doing and the sexy image I made. I imagined that he was watching the lewd show of my sexuality. The thought of him in particular watching me made my cock ache with need. Ever since rewiring, mental imagery has played a huge role in my prostate orgasm sessions and my arousal.

As I lewdly undulated my hips and thrust my rigid cock out in front of me I began to murmur filthy urgings to my fantasy audience. Pelvic thrusting always amplifies my arousal; it was doing just that at that moment. My cock head was dripping precum as a result of the sensual rolling of my pelvis. The coating of crystal clear sap that coated my cock head enhanced the pleasure I felt from my finger sliding on my rigid cleft. I bent over and parted my ass cheeks to reveal the soft pinkness of my man pussy to my imagined admirers; in actuality I exposed it to the mirror so I could see it. In the next scene of my imagined performance I was on a stage with an imaginary lover having anal sex with him.

I had fantasized about anal sex with a man many, many times during Aneros sessions but in my first tryst I couldn’t bring myself to do it. At that point in time anal sex with a man was going to remain the stuff of my fantasies. Mentally I was happy to do an ass job but that was all.

As the image of doing an ass job on a male lover hardened in my mind I savored the pleasant aching physical sensation of my penis hardened and lengthened in erection. The sweet ache of arousal spread from my cock to my perineum; it began to twitch as my lengthening penis also erected my prostate. My prostate had become a huge part of my sex life since rewiring as well. I could feel my prostate tensing deep in my anal canal as my penis hardened. My thrusting became more erratic and lewd as I imagined various lewd scenarios. Thoughts of me modeling nude in front of a group of men and women speeded up my heart beat. In my imagination I turned to stand in profile to the crowd that was staring at my cock. I wanted them to look at my erection in full length as it hurled ropes of my semen.

Standing in the light that filtered through the curtain in the hotel room my cockhead was gleaming; it was covered with my precum. My sexy cock syrup provided an exquisite slippery surface for my fingers to taunt and tease my desire while at the same time it made my cockhead look like a confection that had been glazed with icing. As my arousal deepened, I slowed my pelvic undulation and made my hips and pelvis sway sinuously. Slowly I drifted into that quiet space in my mind that encourages me to let go as the pleasure of escalating arousal licks at my cock head and anus. That place is where I go to do Aneros sessions. It is a complex labyrinth of nuanced pleasures and anguished ecstasy.

I would have been embarrassed performing this erotic pelvic hula in front of real people but I was alone in my hotel room safe and hidden from anyone who would judge my lurid behavior worthy of embarrassment or inappropriate for a man my age and stature. I didn’t care. I was savoring and celebrating my sexuality in an unabashed manner. My fantasies, thoughts and actions were focusing on my own body and the pleasure that was steaming inside my cock root. Then as arousal took control of my thoughts lurid images of naked men entwined in torrid sex acts filled my mind. I feared I might spew cum if I continued, so I slowed down to save my ejaculate for him.

Over the years I have learned the pleasure of extended arousal. Instead of succumbing to ejaculation I have developed the mental and physical skill to guide myself to have a subtle Aless. As I undulated my pelvis in my sinuous dance, the spasms of prostate orgasm clenched my prostate and squeezed it, sending jolts of serene ecstasy deep into my anal canal. Chilling waves of orgasmic rapture ran up my spine to freeze my brain and plunge me into a state of erotic euphoria.

My erotic interlude was interrupted by the unmistakable sound of a car door slamming in the empty parking lot outside. I grabbed some sweatpants and a tee shirt and threw them on. After an interminable time of quiet there was a rap on the hotel room door.

I hurried to the door hastened by my arousal and desire for erotic gratification. I opened the door. There he was . He was a slim handsome guy in his late thirties; he was about 6 feet tall. I was in my late 50’s. He had told me he liked older guys; I was grateful for that. He was incredibly sexy. I knew he was good looking but his pictures didn’t do him justice. He looked like a slender fashion model with slim hips and a bulge in his jeans. I made it !!! he said ebulliently. Hey, I am glad you did I said enthusiastically in response. As he stood in the doorway his eyes drifted from my face to the obvious bulge in my sweat pants; I subtly ignored his immediate ogling.

He stepped into the doorway; I immediately embraced him. Then without fanfare or awkwardness he stepped forward until our bodies were touching; I could feel his erection pressing against mine through our clothes. Grinding his cock against mine he kissed me on the lips. His unabashed grinding and the kiss were deliberate and intentional. He was clearly aroused and happy to be here with me and he was not nervous. His kiss was incendiary. He quipped to me that he had had an erection all day thinking about this moment. I admitted that I did as well.

Although this was my second time with a guy this was the first time I was brave enough to kiss my male lover. I liked it. Kissing a good looking man on the lips was a new kissing experience for me; it was enough of an act of passion to whet my appetite. The feeling of his lips on mine seemed illicit, inappropriate and strange yet these qualities that tweaked my sense of correctness made the kiss deeply sexual and intensely arousing. The touch of his lips on mine made my anus quiver and my nipples stiffen, my cock was already hard as iron.

I was humbled and thankful that you decided to follow through and be here I said. He smiled and came inside carrying a canvass overnight bag. Are you kidding he said. I wouldn’t have missed this for anything. I told my best friend I was going to do this with a distinguished older guy with a good sized cock; he was very jealous. As he said it he chuckled. I took his bag from him and placed it on the luggage stand behind me in the room as I smiled at him and turned to look him in the face. I then said I assume that this bag has clothes in it. You needn’t have bothered bringing any, we won’t be wearing anything while you are in this room with me. I laughed. He smirked back at me. Taking off his coat I could see he was wearing jeans and a tee shirt. Hanging his coat on a hook near the door I followed him into the room as he looked around. I closed the door behind him. I felt like a spider catching a fly in my web; I was going to suck his life essence from him.

As I stood there his eyes again drifted to my crotch and my tented sweat pants returning to my face with his sparkling smile. I had not noticed earlier that there was a six inch precum dark spot around the bulge in my pants. It was pretty obvious what my status was. Hmmmm he said chuckling, looks like you started without me. It was obvious he wasn’t shy or retiring.

He stepped forward and caressed my wetted bulge in his palm, nice he said. I could feel the warmth of his hand on my hypersensitive erect penis, it was profoundly erotic. He mentioned that he always wanted to investigate this part of the state but never had the chance to as he firmly held my balls. It is beautiful he said, as is that large thing in my hand.

I looked him in the eyes and admitted I have been this way all day. I am very turned on I added; the anticipation of being with you has me on an erotic edge. I want our sexy time together to last I said to him. I don’t want to rush anything. I looked him in the eyes. I want to take a lot of time to savor your penis and stretch out the number of ejaculations you have. My desire is for a lot of time for intimacy and unbridled serene eroticism. Although we had sexted many, many times it was different being together in person.

He sat down on the edge of the bed and I sat opposite him on the desk chair. We spent the next hour sharing our sexual life stories in minute detail, much more than we had in email or in sexts. I opened up unlike anything I had ever done before. My lurid admissions set the stage for his nodding in agreement pertaining to himself and adding observations that I hadn’t thought about or realized before but I knew now as very true.
He told me about his experience of anal awakening, nipple pleasure and daydreams of having sex with me. He wove a fascinating and arousing narrative of his path to discovering his own sexuality that mirrored my own; we were kindred sexual spirits. He described orgasms with ejaculations that had my mouth watering and my cock aching with desire.

When the conversation exhausted itself I looked at my watch; it was late. There was this mysterious silence as we both sat there looking at each other’s bulges knowing full well that we both were harboring aching erections and wanted to bed each other. Everything that needed to be said had been said. The silence was not uncomfortable by any means, what it did is open the door to whatever was to happen next with no awkwardness. We were best friends and trusted sex partners now. What happened next was one of the most natural and wonderful experiences of my life. He stood up and unceremoniously pulled his tee shirt over his head as I sat 3 feet in front of him and watched him expose his sexy hardened nipples. That was the first time I saw a guys nipples and thought of them as sex objects just as I would have felt seeing a woman’s tits for the first time. Then he slipped his thumbs in the waistband of his jeans and without flinching un buttoned them and slid them down. He was commando, not wearing any underwear.
What stood 3 feet in front of me was a very sexy man’s body and one of the most elegant and sexy erect penises I had ever seen. It looked like it was crafted out of the finest marble. If a perfect life like dildo was ever molded from a human model his cock was the one they did it from. Even though I was 6 inches taller in height than him, his cock was the same size as mine and possibly longer. His cock head was a sculpted helmet shaped cap with a deep sulcal cleft underneath. His cock slit was longer than any cockslit I had ever seen. In erection his cock was slightly curved to the left just like mine.

I sat there and stared at it. I had never been able to intently examine anyone’s penis so close up in person, yet alone an erect one. Staring at guys cocks in locker rooms or other quasi public venues where men are nude is not typically acceptable in most circles. He knew I was entranced and made no effort to move away. In fact he did just the opposite, stepping forward and putting it in my face implicitly inviting me to enjoy it. His cock head was a couple of inches from my mouth at chin height. I moved my face the few inches to bring my lips to the tip of his corona. The precum was gathering at his cock slit. Sealing the deal I brought my lips to his drooling slot and kissed it, not a peck but rather a lingering kiss, then another and another. Kissing his wetted cock slit I spread his precum on my lips. As I made out with his cock head my own erection was gripped by the iron grip like ache of extreme arousal. He stroked my temple as I caressed his balls and shifted to sucking instead of kissing. I took his cock head in my mouth engulfing it with my lips, locking them just behind his coronal ridge. I sucked the precum from his cock like it was a soda straw as I coaxed more from him by stroking the underside of his cockhead with my tongue.

Although I really wanted to continue orally ministering to his prong, I knew if I continued he world shoot his first load in my mouth before we even started anything. Standing up and following his example I pulled my shirt over my head. Standing bare chested in front of him I looked into his eyes as I put my fingers in the waistband of my pants and slid them down. His gaze was fixed on my exposed manhood. His comment was wow, even sexier in person than in pictures. I was in all my glory exhibiting my erection to him.

The moment we had both been dreaming of and planning for over the last several months had arrived. Standing naked together our gazes were transfixed at each other’s erections. What happened next was totally spontaneous. My thoughts turned to nude dance I was doing in front of the window moments before he arrived. Suddenly the urge to dance and expose my aroused passion for him took over my thoughts.

I want to dance for you I said to him. I pulled the straight backed chair from the corner of the room to the space between us. Pointing to the chair I asked him to sit on it. He followed my request sitting in the chair expectantly as he looked up at me. He sat quietly alternating looking at my face and my erect cock. I didn’t have any grand plan for a performance I was winging it literally. Then suddenly it hit me …. a lap dance. As he sat there his erection was pointing straight up from his groin. I stepped forward and straddled his lap putting my feet on either side of the chair. I then lowered myself to sit on his lap right on his upward turned cock. I grasped the base of his shaft and guided it so that the top of his shaft was pressed up into my ass crack behind my anus. My cock was resting against his belly. The feeling of his body warmth on my cock head was magical. I embraced him and stroked his temple with my palm.

It had been years since I had had a lap dance. Somehow however, I remembered some of what the girl did to me. In reality it didn’t matter though as all I had to do was rub my anus on the top of his cock head as I rubbed my own penis on him. A lap dance between 2 guys was a little more complicated than one between a guy and a girl. So I began to rock back and forth on his penis. It felt as good to him as it did to me. Leaning forward I brought his mouth to my nipple, he needed no instruction. So as he sucked my nipple I rocked and rubbed my anus on his cock head. I held him tenderly. His cock sliding against my anus was excruciatingly arousing.

I was rubbing my penis on his abdomen as he looked down on it. I leaned forward even further and pressed his mouth to my nipple. The tip of his cock head was rubbing my anus and extending beyond my ass crack as I rode his rail. It felt other worldly.

After ten minutes or so he expressed a desire to get on the bed where there was more room. We abandoned the chair and went back to the bed and sat on it. I then laid back on the bed as he followed and laid sideways on top of me. With the ease that comes from shared emotions and mutually felt desires, our lips joined and we kissed once more as I lay on my back and he lay crosswise on my chest. I was laying there naked with a naked man making out with him on a bed in a hotel room I thought. My hands were all over his body, caressing his cock and feeling his anus. His hands found my cock and would not let go of it. My goodness you are a hard one he quipped as he held my aching cock in his grip.