1. Sex is not only still enjoyable, it’s more enjoyable than ever. Since you become more attuned to your body, sex automatically becomes super-charged and you have (atleast i do) more control over ejaculation. Sex becomes something more intimate, your goal isn’t to cum anymore but to enjoy the intimacy and most importantly to make love.

    The same goes for masturbation.

    I believe people give certain words or concepts way too much credit. You change on a daily basis, this is not scary, that’s life. “Rewiring” is something you literally do every day, but without ever questioning anything. I’d rather call it “unlocking” rather then “rewire” because the latter would explain your concerns, you don’t overwrite something, you just activate neural connections that were previously not “connected”. Meaning stimulation of your prostate gives you sexual pleasure, whereas before it just feels “weird”. You can compare it with learning to ride a bike, new neural pathways are created, there is nothing bad about that either right?

    To some degree i have to say a tiny word of warning tho. For some people unlocking prostate pleasure can be quite a revelation, a mystical experience that is so intense that you start questioning certain beliefs of yours. That bleeds in with their regular life, i myself had a rather unpleasant experience but it’s honestly not a big deal and i would not change it in any way.

  2. Much improved. Turned me off masturbation and I assume got rid of some degree of death grip. Now only time I cum is with sex…. better build up, more horny all the time etc etc

  3. Actually, as a gay guy I find that being in the receiving end of anal sex has become a supercharged sex event. I am more attuned to what is going on with feels against my prostate than I ever was before. Big time.

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