1. Just keep going at it. It took about 1 year for me and i’ve not yet fully mastered it yet. I’m 31.

  2. I am 63 – got my Helix trident about 6 months ago. Have been enjoying the ride – quite literally! I have not had major orgasm yet but drip pre and defo have lots of nice feelings which feel like I am getting close to orgasm. Looking forward to some time on own over this weekend to have a relaxed session.

  3. I’m 68 and fairly new at prostate play. I started 6 months ago. I have several toys, my favourite being the Progasm Ice. I can have pgasms every session but only had one Super O up to now.

  4. 29, played with aneros for the year plus of the lockdown fairly regularly. Have not had handsfree from aneros, but have had a great time with it.

    Had handsfree with large head of njoy Pure Wand and moving that around I can target exactly where I need instead of the one size fits all aneros.

  5. 34, got myself Helix-Progasm-Eupho combo ages ago, only in the past couple of years managed to progress from strong pwaves to HFWO with them every odd session. To date had the most success with Progasm.

    Recently tho been using either Helix or Eupho as a starter for about an hour and a half before moving on to a very large silicone plug. With the plug and using the same technique as with aneros I can get to HFWO pretty consistently.

    Still no dry-O or super-O.

  6. Started when I was 51. It took a whole year before I could start to consistently have prostate orgasms. At 54 now I can say they’re very pleasurable and continue to grow in intensity.

  7. this is the first thread on reddit that has made me feel young lol

    I’m 28 and I’ve been exploring prostate play for about 2 or 3 years now, but only started using aneros last year or so.

    I’ve only been able to pgasm once, and that was with my fingers, but even if I haven’t reached the elusive big O, it’s definitely improved my solo sessions forever. I can never go without some prostate stimulation

  8. 35 years old here, I have the Progasm and Helix, prefer the Helix more. Haven’t had and Super-Os, maybe one P-wave but I can’t be sure. Been going at it for a little over a year now. Hoping I can continue to make positive strides to achieving one.

  9. Started at 62 now 72 It sounds odd but things keep changing,my favorite positions and the models I use.When things are rocking any model works.The HIH 950 used to be meh but lately it been relentless.

  10. 26 here. Ive been using for about 3 years because I cant get laid. I had my first pgasm about a year into use and now I use my Progasm every day.

  11. 19, started in October when I was 18. I think I begin having some pgasms near the end of summer

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