My Second Tryst Part 3

Part 3
In my first hookup with a man two years earlier we were both nervous. At that time I was not really at ease with my morphing sexuality. However, two years had passed between my first tryst and this one. During that time, I grew to be more comfortable with who I was becoming sexually. I was getting more at ease with my changing desires and my anal orgasmic response; as I relaxed into my rewired “new sexuality”, a desire for male intimacy infiltrated my psyche. The desire to kiss a male sex partner became an expression of my libido and a must do in my menu of sex acts with any man and this one that evening in particular. Kissing had always been a cornerstone in my foreplay with women and that night it would be no different.

The key that opened the door to this new world that night was that I had cast aside my shame, and given into my limbic desire. My own admission to myself was feeding my libido. Revealing it openly and unabashedly to an attractive and very desirable male sex partner was feeding his libido in equal measure; his cock was stone hard. It was profoundly arousing. The excitement and lack of shame I felt kissing a hot naked man in foreplay was flying in the face of the social taboo that had governed me in my past; that excitement was forging my cock to iron. Kissing him on the lips was a big deal; however kissing him in bed in foreplay was beyond a big deal. All of this was having a profound impact on me.

As he held my hyper sensitive cock head in the warmth of his palm was inflating my prostate and making my anus tremble. He was pouring jet fuel on my arousal. His grip on my cock head was just firm enough to express his intent and my desire for him. The expression of our shared lust was making my precum leak into his palm. Leaking precum in his palm was in and of itself incredibly intimate. After caressing my cockhead I felt his precum wetted palm drift over my hip to my ass cheeks. With deliberate delay his fingertips traced the underside of my cheek to the base of the valley between my cheeks. From there his middle finger found the furrow between them and followed it to my quivering anus. When he found it his middle finger began to tease it and massage it. It retracted like a surprised animal in response.

External anal massage is the fastest way to erotically hypnotize me. As he massaged me I swooned, shuddered and immediately fell under his spell. Again, I knew that the finger massaging my anus was the hand of a man. That awareness stirred intense emotions in me. As he tenderly massaged my man pussy I melted in his hand. My anus opened and flexed in response to his intrusive fingertips. As one hand investigated and stroked my man pussy his other hand moved to my ball sack and erection.

The combination of having my anus stroked simultaneously to caressing my cock was overwhelming me. The sensual pleasure he was giving me was severing my ties to reality. My role as pleasure giver had been ceded to him. He was in charge now. I had never been put in such a passive role. His lips abandoned my lips to advance our foreplay to the next level. Somehow I thought I knew what was coming, but I really didn’t.

He parted my legs as he laid down between them. Then reaching for the hotel pillows against the headboard he stuffed them under my derriere to raise my anus to a better angle. I knew enough about anal play to figure out what was in the offing. I couldn’t believe this was happening. It was way beyond any fantasy I ever had. Then collecting some of his precum and mine and combining them he spread it on my anus and continued to gently massage the exterior of my opening. How he knew the impact that that would have on me was beyond me. But then again he was a practitioner of anal pleasure so I am sure he had similar desires.

As he stroked and massaged my anal opening with the tip of his finger, and held my balls I was frozen and rendered immobile. Nothing mattered but his fingertip tenderly tantalizing my man pussy.

My heart skipped a beat and my will power melted as he continued to massage my opening with one hand while the other gently caressed my balls. At that point I was helpless; I would have let him do anything to me. That was his goal; to bring me to that point. As he felt my balls up and teased my hole my prostate was hardening and throbbing; I could feel it. He then brought his face to the space between my thighs below my balls. When I realized what he was going to do I quaked with anticipation and disbelief. I had not been rimmed for 30 years.

To my amazement he inserted his face between my ass cheeks and bestowed multiple kisses on my anus. A carillon of exquisite chimes rang in my ears. My heart began to beat in a furious cacophy of excitement and bliss. I struggled to breathe, think or move. I was a fly caught in his spider web; his kisses on my anus had melted my insides.

As I surrendered my anus to him I felt no shame. In greater measure I felt the rush of intimate desire surge into my body. My erection lurched and dripped profusely as his anal kisses electrified me with the sudden jolt of his sexual intent. As my brain was consumed in the erotic inferno my cock root trembled. I cradled his head in the valley between my cheeks as I savored the softness of his lips and the roughness of his chin on the tender skin around my sex hole. The heat of his hand cherishing my delicate gonads as he lavished kisses on my anus was making my precum stream from my slit.
A kiss on the mouth from a man brings the element of emotion but a kiss on the anus from a man establishes a whole new level of vulgar intimacy. I lay on the bed and gave my anus over to him in fevered reverence. The more he kissed my secret place, the more my cock quivered, ached and dripped. He cherished my balls in his hand like they were a treasured object. The passion flowed back and forth between his mouth and my body. As I laid there I surrendered to him.

The vulgar intimacy of his kisses was working mysterious magic on my psyche. The world evaporated as his mouth and hands explored the most secret intimate part of my body. His attention pushed the cherished personal nature of the moment to a new height. But he wasn’t done yet. After he kissed my anus a hundred times his tongue appeared from his mouth and took over. Licking my anus with his tongue and inserting it in my hole I was so turned on I thought I might faint.

After a minute or so his lips and tongue abandoned my man pussy and moved up to my erected nipples. Once there he wrapped his lips around my left areola and resumed nursing on me. A sudden rush of hormones flooded my bloodstream. I stroked his temple as I held his mouth to my teat. I had once read that given persistent nursing on his nipples that a man could produce mother’s milk. As I stroked his head with his mouth nursing on me I thought that trying to accomplish that would be a dream come true for me.

The narcotic impact of suckling him relaxed me primed me to give myself to him. The massaging effect of his lips and hot tongue on my aching nipple transported me to a quiet erotic place in my mind that I visit when I nursed my wife; but this was not my wife. This was a man suckling at my nipple. My prostate was throbbing in time to my heart beat as the desperate calm of intimate lust washed over me. My anus was still tingling from his oral attention as I lay on my side facing him. I cradled his head holding his mouth to my nipple as I kissed the top of his head and stroked his temple as he nursed on me.

The more I suckled him the deeper into the quiet maelstrom of erotic rapture I sank; I was drowning in my own lust and I didn’t care. His lips and tongue sucked my will to think from my nipple. All I wanted to do was nurse him and suck his cock. He continued to hold my cock in his hand as he suckled on me.

So with a decidedly feminine mindset I laid on the in the secrecy of this hotel room hundreds of miles from home nursing a man at my nipple. It was a sensually erotic experience. There was something about the anonymity of us in that place, the secrecy of our meeting and the outlandish unconventional activity of one man nursing another. Yet it was all of these qualities that made it such an erotic – intimate interchange.
I was suspended by a slender thread between relaxed calm and aroused desperation. Then I suddenly was jerked from suckling reveries to reality when I felt cold air on my nipple, he had abandoned it. In a hushed tone he then said to me, I want to watch you MMO. As disappointed as I was to have him move from my nipple this was what I was waiting for.

I rolled from lying on my side on the bed to lying on my back with my knees apart waiting. My pink man hole was raised up and ready for him. My Tempo is on the night stand with lube I said to him. I am ready. Put it in me. In moments he was fiddling with the device and the lube, readying it to be seated in my anus. Again being serviced by a man made that moment uniquely special; I couldn’t wait to feel him tending my anus and penetrating it . No man or woman for that matter ever inserted an Aneros in me; it was always me.

After what seemed like an eternity, he deftly parted my ass cheeks with utmost tenderness using two fingers from one hand to fully expose my saliva wetted anus to his view again. I like the idea that he was looking closely at my man pussy. It felt so vulgar and erotic I really wanted to have him do this to me and watch the Tempo penetrate me. I was so aroused I needed it more than I wanted it. For me it was the final act of submitting to him.
In the interest of facilitating easier penetration he applied some of the extra lube that was on the Tempo to the inside of my anus with his finger. His finger was bigger than my wife’s, imparting a fuller sensation than when she finger fucked me. I loved to be finger fucked; my wife would do my anus with her finger for an hour or more as she massaged my nipples sometimes. My cock lurched with the penetration of his finger. Do more, I intoned to him, don’t stop. Obliging me he massaged my anal opening with a lot of lube for a good 20 minutes. I was transported to another world; a world of pleasure and intimate tenderness, of orgasm and sensations that melted my will.

Eventually he held the Tempo at my opening. Rotating the device around my opening he taunted me with it, rubbing the cold bulbous steel head on the wrinkled skin at my thresh hold. He was teasing me as if he was never going to insert it. After a few minutes of tormenting me he stood the device at a right angle to my man cunt and gently pushed, sliding it into me.

The sensation of the ice cold Tempo penetrating me felt so divine my heart skipped a beat. The initial shockingly exciting coldness of the Tempo’s head entering my opening sent chills up my spine. As the steely hard cold Tempo slid effortlessly into the warmth of my well lubed sensitized anus it touched my prostate. As it did I shuddered. It felt gratifying exciting and erotic all at the same time. Pressing against my swollen prostate the Tempo induced the familiar and much desired exquisite gagging reflex in my anus. That gagging reflex told me my body was reacting to the probing steel Tempo as it always did.

After the Tempo was seated the sensation of pleasant gagging amplified and concentrated flowing from my anus deeper into me; as it did it transformed and grew into the sweet ache of agonizing orgasmic rapture. It caused my sphincter to clamp onto the Tempo and begin reflexively contracting on it in a rhythmic pattern. It was auto fucking me.

In seconds the sweet ache became a visceral vibration that sounded reverberating echoes of ecstasy in anal canal, pelvis and cock root . The pleasure that vibrated inside my pelvis made my anus spasm open and close. As each spasm of pleasure cascaded in my anus the next one rang its chime of rapture and made me grimace in anguished delight.

The penetration by this little steel cock like implement never failed to turn my insides to jelly. I looked into the intent face and observant eyes of the man who was manipulating my anus, making it give me aching pleasure . I was savoring my orgasm as my own face contorted in ecstasy. I had learned early on in Aneros practice the power of breathing in fanning the flames of a growing prostate orgasm along with nipple play. Tempo taught me how to use breathing to amplify sensation. So as I felt the Tempo create the orgasmic “wave” that lifted my body as I lay there, I knew what to do. I breathed into it similar to paddling to catch a wave on the surf.

Suddenly I felt my pulse throb deep in my anus where the tip of the Tempo was pressing on my prostate. In response to cacophony of pleasure that made my prostate throb, my anus clamped onto the end of the Tempo and did its nefarious work. My pulse was racing as the waves of cascading ecstasy flowed into me in a torrent. My anus was opening and closing with the regularity of a metronome.

I struggled to speak, barely managing to ask him to tease my nipples. Being an Aneros user himself he knew exactly what to do and what impact it would have. He started by gently toggling my erect nipples like they were an on off switch. After a few minutes he shifted to pinching and pulling them to shock them; he followed that with the gentle teasing and stroking my areoles and then toggling them. My nipples have been rendered hypersensitive by rewiring.

The effect was incendiary. I gasped, inhaling and groaning in sheer delight as I my zinging nipples propelled me towards orgasmic nirvana. I felt the orgasmic maelstrom growing in my anus as the reflexive contractions rhythmically drew the bulbous steel head of the Tempo back and forth over my pulsing prostate gland.

The sensation of the end of the Tempo massaging my erect prostate and my controlled breathing carried me with e tsunami like pleasure wave of cascading exploding orgasms. I floated from orgasm after orgasm as my anus contracted and released in rhythmic syncopation. My prostate was pulsing in syncopation to my anus. The pleasure pain held me high above the world and taunted me to feel even more exquisite sensations than the human body was ever designed to experience. Indeed the combination of him doing me and what he was doing challenged my senses to cope with what can only be described as excruciating euphoria. I was at his mercy as he watched me shudder, grimace and twist under the weight of the sweet torture that was consuming my soul .

As the contractions increased their force, and the auto fucking intensified the sensation of sweet agony in my anus grew with them. He teased my nipples as my cock root tightened in anticipation of each orgasmic contraction and lurched when it hit me. The sweet tension of spasming and releasing orgasmic ecstasy in my prostate and cock root was getting so large I struggled to sense it. The pulsing cascade of orgasmic bliss was growing exponentially in strength and endurance; I heard a whining noise and realized it was me. I was entering a state of mind and feeling of elegant torment that was raising me to the heights of the nirvana like rapture of the most powerful super o I had ever had. The room I was in ceased to exist. I was under the control of a gorgeous man and I was hypnotized in orgasmic euphoria in a magical invisible place that I was sure I would never find again.
As the crescendo of the cascade of orgasms got closer and closer together I could feel the pleasure deep in my anus cresting. As the pleasure reached the deafening pulsing crescendo, a sense of excruciating pleasure closed in on me. I was feeling such crushing ecstasy, I was scrambling to grasp onto anything in my mind I could get hold of. I tried to savor the orgasmic bliss that was tugging my lurching cock, and trembling and convulsing anus. My nipples were rigidly electrified, crackling with the orgasmic energy that was enveloping my rigid penis.

Suddenly I gasped as the orgasm crested and broke on the shore of my psyche, in a thunderous crash that made my body quiver and my brain wail in the grip of blinding pleasure. Precum spilled from my cock slit as I whined. Seeing me twisted in agonizing ecstasy he set his mind to torture me even further. He lowered his lips to my erect nipple, pushing fingers out of the way with his mouth; my orgasmic psyche soared.

During the recurring escalating crescendos, wave after wave of rapturous pleasure were detonating in my anus, just like the finale of a fireworks show. Again and again the waves pounded me leaving me struggling to breathe as my penis streamed precum so copiously it was running down my waist..
The session went on for 90 minutes as he nursed on me and massaged my penile sulcus (cock cleft); the combination gave me crushing pleasure. I was sweating, exhausted and trembling as I rode the roller coaster of orgasms.

In vain I tried to pleasure him by caressing his erection, but my mmo orgasm drilled into my anus and robbed me of my conscious thought or ability to sustain even a simple action. Alas it was hopeless; my own ecstasy demanded I do nothing but lay immobile savor the euphoria that was convulsing deep in my anal canal. My anus was flexing open and closed as each orgasm squeezed my prostate. His hot cock did feel wonderful in my palm though. When it was over I was sweating profusely. The buzz in my anus was so profound it was teasing me to continue. There was no doubt I could’ve continued but I was exhausted. He could tell I was done and rolled off of me.