My Second Tryst Part 4

My anal orgasms were fluttering and melting away in pleasant gentle pulsing spasms as I trembled in quiet arousal. As they faded, I remained on my back on the rumpled bed savoring the sweet anguish of orgasmic after glow. The Tempo was still inside me pressing gently on my prostate; it was passively provoking my prostate sending lingering sexy chills up my spine. He had lain down next to me, his skin was warm on mine. I put my arm around him and drew him to me; as I did I looked down at his penis which was fully erect.

Mine was laying on my belly semi erect pointing due north as was his. The experience of looking at two erect cocks laying side by side was unusual for me to say the least. He had one of the most beautiful cocks I had ever been given the chance to gaze at; it was mesmerizing. I love cocks. I love cock heads, I love how an erect penis looks and feels and I love to watch them ejaculate. Most of all though I love to suck and taunt cock heads with my tongue as the tip of my tongue parts the delicate slit at the tip, toying with it. I love to trace the rigid crown that defines a well sculpted corona with my tongue until it swells and erupts his ejaculate.

I discovered in my first tryst how much I love semen. Feeling the firm smooth sexy member of a male lover in my mouth as I gather the man syrup from his pulsing cock slit is something as it regurgitates it and dispenses it on my tongue is one of the most arousing things about pleasuring a man. Sadly my effort to drink his cream earlier was interrupted by my need for MMO. With my MMO done I could now focus on his sexy organ.

His cock was beyond sexy, it was gorgeous. . Seeing his well crafted organ was inspiring mine to erection. As I was looking at his elegant male spile I suddenly felt the urge to suck it and gather his honey. Without a spoken word I turned on the bed and brought my mouth to his rigid manhood. Grasping it at the root I guided his cock head into my warm wet mouth. The visions I had of mens erections in my fantasies paled compared to the reality of lusting after his and sucking it in real life.

I was swooning with the feeling of his cock filling my mouth; it was special because it was his. His was only the second cock I had ever had in my mouth, but I was hooked from my first experience. His however was so sexy I wanted to suck him forever. I massaged every inch of the skin of his hot organ with my tongue. I pointed the tip of my tongue and parted his cock slit with it inserting it in his pink slot; that drove him crazy causing him to moan in a guttural tone.

I ran my tongue all over his cock head thoroughly enjoying the smoothness of the skin on it, tracing the outline of his crown with the tip of my tongue. I was delirious with joy as I sucked, tongued and drew on his cock head like it was a sweet lollipop. The telltale taste of his leaking precum coated my tongue. I caressed his balls as I languidly nursed on his cock. He was moaning in anguished pleasure as I worked on his crown and slit with the tip of my tongue, teasing it and alternately mouth fucking him.

Then after ten minutes of working his hot penis in my mouth he could not endure any more. He groaned the warning to me that he was going to spew. I acknowledged his warning with a Ummm Hmm due to my mouth being full of his cock. I was not fearful of his shooting in my mouth, I wanted it. We had never talked about spit or swallow. I was a swallow kind of guy.

Then I felt his cock head swell as it readied for ejaculation, then it contracted hard as it pumped his load. Hastily I slid my finger into his anus and stroked his swollen prostate causing it to amplify his climax. He wailed with the fury of a wild animal as the first jet of his cream erupted and pulsed in a torrent into my mouth.

I massaged his prostate gently urging him to empty his balls and spill every drop of his sweet cream into my mouth. His semen was thick and tangy sweet. I locked my lips behind the crown of his cock head to steady it during his ejaculation. I didn’t want to lose a single drop. I cock head swelled and contracted repeatedly as his shaft recoiled in the gush of his eruption. It was like a great flesh cannon. As I massaged his hapless balls in my palm and locked my lips on his cock head I felt the forceful flow of his hot semen continue to pour from him; it was seemingly endless. I had never experienced personally or voyeuristically anyone ejaculate the volume of hot thick semen he did. Moreover his semen was addictive. I wanted more so I stroked his balls tenderly hoping that they would yield as much as they could.

He mewled quietly as the hot river of semen filled my mouth to capacity, shuddering as he endured the rapture of unloading in my mouth. The taste and feel of his semen in my mouth was more than my own orgasm could bear. Swallowing his thick hot man syrup, my prostate seized up and pumped hard. I felt the Tempo deep inside me pressing against my pulsing prostate. As my cock lurched I felt the fierce grip of orgasm milk my gland as my hard penis pissed a hot stream of my own semen on his leg. The euphoria forced the sweet anguish of release to empty my own balls. I would never have imagined that sucking a guys cock would give me a hands free orgasm. I was relaxed and exhausted.

We lay dozing together in post ejaculation haze. We were both a sticky mess from our own and each other’s semen. Sex between two men is by its very nature a very messy enterprise. I woke first and looked over at him nude and out cold sleeping next to me. I reached over and caressed his sensuous flaccid penis. Cupping his cock and balls in my palm, their warmth was both beguiling and arousing. As I held them my own penis began to refirm even in post ejaculation.

My cradling his genitals served to stir him. He rolled towards me and opened his eyes groggily. I suggested to him that a mutual shower might be appropriate to clean up and share more erotic time together; he agreed. This would be a first for me. I had showered with my wife when we were younger and I had showered in gang showers with guys but never had I taken a one on one shower with a man, especially a younger – sexy and handsome one. In the shower there were no instructions or suggestions. Everything was pure impulse and creative eroticism coated with slippery soap.

We both got out of the bed and walked into the bathroom. I went into the bathroom first to get the water running in the shower. As I stood just outside the tub adjusting the water in the shower he cane in behind me and stood behind me in front of the toilet and began to pee in the toilet. I heard the sound and turned. He looked at me and smiled and continued matter of factly. I couldn’t believe how at ease he was that he was not embarrassed to pee as I stood less than a foot away. There was something incredibly intimate about that. I am not into golden showers so there was no implied sexuality to him urinating while I stood there, for me it was the intimate natural biology of doing things that were typically private with me in the room with him.

I followed suit and peed while he got started in the shower. He did however leave the shower curtain pulled back so he could watch me at the toilet peeing. He did that intently. I got in the shower behind him as he was soaping himself. Unspoken I reached around him and wrapped my hands around his hips to wash his already soapy cock. As I slid my palms all over his wetted soapy penis he stopped his washing and stood there steadying himself by putting his hands on the wall as I enjoyed the process of stroking him and feeling him harden in my large warm hands.

In moments the pretense of cleaning his cock was dropped and I began to stroke it. He stood transfixed with his back to me and his hands on the wall as if he was getting a pat down from a cop as I did my nefarious work. My other arm was tightly around his waist as I worked the soapy massage of his fully erect penis. After a few minutes he turned to face me and gently applied soap to my penis which was partially erect by that time as a result of the erotic massage I was giving him. Stroking each others slippery well soaped cocks any pretense of cleaning was gone. As the hot water from the shower head streamed over both of our nude soaped bodies we moved closer together. In the process of soapy massaging both of our cocks were forged back to rigidity.

After several minutes of sensual caressing of erections he rested his forehead on my chest. As I was taller than him I gently put my chin above his head, as we stroked and jelked each other’s now rigid members. It was the most serene mutual masturbation experience I had ever had. My heart was racing. Once more I was overcome with the desire to kiss him. So putting one of my hands under his chin I raised his head from my chest and brought his lips to mine. He knew in an instant what I needed so he responded. Caressing my ass cheeks with both his hands he pressed his erection against mine. Standing in the cascade of hot water cock to cock we kissed passionately.

I felt so sexy and easy kissing him, I felt serene and aroused and intensely sexually alive. I was getting driven crazy with man lust. I reciprocated by wrapping my arms around him and holding him as he held my ass with our lips savoring the mysterious bliss of shared male intimacy. Emboldened by the erotically intimate moment, I let my hand that was at his cheek drift downwards. Once there it followed the cleft between his cheeks until my middle finger found its sought after target, his sexy anus.

It was soapy and slippery and well disposed for finger fucking. So as I drew him deeper and deeper into my inner erotic world with my kiss my finger nefariously wormed its way knuckle deep into his man cunt. As my finger impaled him I did not relent on our lip lock. Forcing him to kiss me I slid my finger into his man hole repeatedly. My intrusion into his anus caused him to gasp – inhale into my mouth. As the reality of being finger fucked as he was being kissed by me took control of his brain. He could no longer focus on the act of responding to my kiss. So with our lips touching he froze and breathed into my mouth as he waited for my fingers intrusion to advance further into him. I did.

With my finger inside his anus he began to mumble tender obscenities into my mouth as I penetrated and withdrew my finger repeatedly from the warmth of his puckered sex hole. Holding onto me to avoid collapsing he tried to kiss me but was unable to focus. Instead he leaned on me and kept repeating “oh my god please don’t stop”. I had him in an aroused fugue with my assertive internal massage of his anal opening.

My penis was erect sticking out at a 90 degree angle from my body. His younger member was stone hard erect and pointing straight up. . He was ready for another ejaculation.

Fearing he would cum again I abandoned his anus and reached behind him to shut the shower off. I wondered how many times he sould cum. I had hit my limit. My next ejaculation would spit dust.
Stepping away from him I looked into his face to see the expression of crestfallen disappointment that the anal pleasure that was enshrouding him moments ago was taking an intermission. I took a towel from the rack as did he and we wiped ourselves off. Again the mast of his penis was at full extension upwards and drooling waiting for the sail that would carry him off in ecstasy.