Intense p-gasm.. but wet again!

Just had another amazing session, and for the first time I had one of those whole body shaking orgasms (I literally let my body do the whole job).. but I came a lot. There where no contractions, just cum squirting like pee. But felt tired afterwards, like after a regular jerk off.

Again I wonder if those guys I see in some videos felt the same intensity (like a strong penile orgasm) but DRY. After my session today, I almost concluded that a dry prostate orgasm may feel exactly like a wet penile one, and thats why some say “you will know when you get one” – is that correct?

Therefore, I feel like somehow I have to learn to separate orgasm and ejaculation in order to get dry prostate sessions. Im confused!



  1. No, I don’t think that’s why you’d know. I say to myself “this is beautiful” and I always used to think I said that about the girl or the porn or whatever, even before all of this. But only with these waves, the involuntary waves with hands free approach, I am aware that I’m saying it about the wave that just started.

    I won’t say it is or isn’t like anything else, there’s a lot of stuff to try and it’s technically all the same parts. There are different things to feel and the intensity, duration, repeats can vary.

    I remember this one attempt 4 years ago, I was just trying to see how far can I push it with a specific technique, without a toy and porn. I got scared when it got too close and stopped it, it almost gave me a wet dream afterwards. I didn’t find that enjoyable. I enjoy more relaxed techniques, that’s what I recommend and hopefully it will help to avoid the unwanted finish. It’s not just about the finish, I think it’s a whole different approach, it feels different.

  2. It might help to mentally separate the two. They are both part of the ejaculatory process but orgasm occurs before ejaculation. Most guys associate the orgasm part with the cumming part. Try to not have any expectations (trust me I know it’s easier said than done) and maybe try to empty your bladder before a session. See if that helps. I’ve found most of the learning on my journey is a lot of trial and error. Sometimes I stumble on something that feels good, other times it’s meh.

  3. After ~4 years or so, my Aneros sessions with a model inserted have changed drastically. I learned to dry orgasm by kegel exercises only ~4 years ago, and the Aneros was employed shortly after that. In the initial stages, after discovering kegel dry O’s, I would insert an Aneros and just relax… no expectations or movement. Just relax and even sleep for an hour or so. This trained my body S L O W L Y to understand the full capabilities. There is no rush to this experience, please, everyone, chill, SLOW DOWN, and learn the absolute joy that is a full body O that you can repeat over and over!

    The Aneros provides tactile, postiive, pressure on the prostate that is different in feel than muscular contractions in ALESS, which is the term used for non-Aneros toy sessions.

    If anyone is in doubt about the Aneros brand, I have all models offered, and I prefer the Eupho, and Helix in that order. Once you learn, smaller is better… 😎

    I have expanded and developed my capabilities to inserting a Eupho and experiencing orgasms over and over while prostatic fluid is bleeding out The initial instances caused me alarm because I wasn’t sure what was escaping, but after a year of experience, it is definitely prostatic fluid. Believe me, I have studied the “emission” enough to know it is not urine. I have to lay on towels to absorb my normal session “emissions” while having a session. This experience is absolutely amazing! The feeling of prostatic fluid OOZING and PULSING from your member is unbelievable!!

    The “Prostate Orgasm” is a completely different and amazing sensation! Once you experience it, you will be mind blown! When the prostate gets sufficiently aroused, it will “ejaculate” very similar to what a man normally experiences only it is prostatic fluid, not ejaculate that ruins the orgasm! 😂

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