Hey! What should I buy 😁

I’m new to sex toys, I had anal sex before tho,so I think I can handle any type of shape size and form, I hear a lot of people talking about Trident and Eupho, can somebody link me to some info about that ?πŸ˜…, the most effective toy to archive a super O as a begginer? I don’t know where to start there. Thanks

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  1. I don’t really know about Aneros, but I do know about prostate orgasms. Those orgasms do not happen right away and do not really depend on the toy you are using (you can just use a finger), as long as it is comfortable, so don’t pick something that has a challenging size or shape. First you need to learn to feel with your anus and prostate, get used to the feeling and then, turn that sensation into actual pleasure, and after that, you will be able to achieve a prostate orgasm.

  2. The issue is there is no “best” toy for everyone. The most recommended model for beginners is the MGX or Helix. I would go with the Trident version of one of those. (white plastic models). The reason for these two is they are basically the models that are in the middle of size and length of all the rest of the models and will give you the best chance at it working for you.

    However, you may discover that you think smaller (Eupho) or Larger (Progasm) may work better so its a bit of a guess and may take you buying multiple models to find the right fit. Don’t think that becuase you can handle larger toys means that larger toys will work better. My personal experience is that I went with the Progasm as my first model because I thought that “bigger is better” but it did absolutely nothing for me. It turns out that smaller worked better and now mostly just use Eupho. YMMV.

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