Holy crap, new breakthrough

I just had my best session ever.

I started by listening to binaural beats and relaxing, then started doing contractions. For the first hour, I was just getting nice feelings (which of course, are good), then I began to get the sensation of my body being asleep. This has happened before, and is usually followed by some more amazing feelings. However, this time, it grew into something stronger than ever before. The toy kept on hitting the spot, and I was moaning and gasping without control. This lasted for about two minutes. It was just AMAZING.

I then went on for another hour, getting to that point two more times, albeit with a bit less pleasure (though the third time was better than the second time). Also during those times, my butt pushed out the toy, but still felt great. I would reinsert it and keep on going.

When I decided to finish, I rubbed my cock and came, and that orgasm felt SO short. I take that as a good thing, because comparing it to the pleasure I experienced before hand, it was much lesser.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/q6d93v/holy_crap_new_breakthrough/


  1. You need to try and avoid finishing with your hand if after super o. The two do no belong together as hard as it seems. The longer you go without cumming the better your sessions will be.

    That asleep / relaxed / floating feeling is a great step.

  2. I am just having a play and on insertion almost immediately started to have leg and butt shaking and Precum dripping. I had several of what I would call mini orgasms with me gasping and panting. So good. I had a quick break after 20 mins and have relubed and am now at it again.

    I want to see a video of someone having a Super O so I know what it is like. Anyone know where can find this?

  3. I’m starting to listen to binaural beats as well. Which ones would you recommend? I’ve found a few really good ones on YouTube that I like. Also, what technique do you use. No clenching and just relaxing, slight squeezing, or hard clenching? I haven’t gotten super or p gasms yet so still chasing that illusive feeling.

  4. Thanks for the tip on binaural beats 🙂

    I think of that blissful hypnogogic state (asleep / floating) as a special type of pgasm all its own.

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