New to Prostate Play, is this a good sign?

So I’m really new to prostate play, I ended up getting the Helix Syn V (Which funnily enough, I prefer not using the vibration setting, or at least a really low setting.)

Something I learned when I started using the Syn V is that for a long time I had been using my PC muscles while masturbating unintentionally, I guess I just noticed it felt better when I was flexing like that? So I guess my PC muscles are pretty strong for someone new to prostate play.

Well to get to the point, I’ve been using the aneros daily for the past week (going to take a few days break since I’ve heard that helps), and for the most part haven’t really gotten any strong feelings or anything (Except for one thing I’ll get to later). Now, I kind of expected that and I’m not trying to rush things, I guess I just wanted to figure out what I’m supposed to be feeling.

I’ve read A LOT of wiki entries, different user’s guides and stuff on how to use the aneros in general which have helped.

So I read that a lot of people use nipple play as a sort of alternative way to get aroused without touching your penis, which I thought would help, and damn it definitely changed the whole experience quite a bit. Pretty much a few minutes after doing some light touching I started getting like a tingling/tickling feeling inside my ass and the head of my penis. Nothing crazy, just an actual decent feeling. Doing some light PC contractions (I’ve read doing like a slow “Wave-Like” pattern is a good technique) definitely increased the “tingly” feeling. I was able to do that for quite a while with my penis getting hard, then soft again, hard again, etc… Nothing insane happened, and I wasn’t really expecting anything, I guess I’m just happy I got SOME kind of feeling.

The only thing that’s a bit annoying is that when I stop doing any sort of nipple play, the tingling sensation just stops all together.

TL;DR Tingling/tickling feeling in ass when doing nipple play with aneros in, is this a good start?



  1. Sounds to me like you’re on the right track. Be patient, don’t get frustrated if you don’t climax, don’t try to force an orgasm. Stay relaxed, enjoy the sensations you’re getting. The tingling feeling is definitely a good sign.

  2. Yes, these feelings are a good sign.
    They should become more and more intense and enjoyable with time and practice.
    I’ve noticed that orgasms develop better if I wait until I’ve had the first waves of pleasure before I start stroking my nipples.
    As for the frequency of your sessions, I think it’s best to have one or two days of rest in between.

  3. My nipples were dead two years ago. Now just the slightest touch or brush sends intense sensations straight to my prostate. There really is a connection between the the two. They’ve helped give me some mind blowing prostate orgasms. Definitely a game changer.

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