A great session

I’ve owned a syn for multiple years that I bought as a curiosity. I never dedicated much time to learning it and seldom used it. I’d try once every couple of months and just shove it back in the drawer.

I read some recent posts for tips, and it really changed my session tonight. It peaked after about 10 minutes where I was shaking involuntarily, was hard, and had difficulty breathing. It still wasn’t a super o as I felt there was more to build to, but it was one of the most intense sexual experiences I’ve ever had. I got distracted from my prostate and forgot to keep breathing. I’m excited to try again as I’m definitely going to be picking it up to play with most evenings!

What definitely helped was a number of things:

1. I put a few pillows under my hips and it made it more comfy

2. I smoked a little weed which definitely helped me get in tune with myself and be more relaxed. I think I might have an edible next time for a longer session.

3. Clenching and breathing. I breathed deeply while flexing my pelvic floor 10-20% power. I played around a lot to found what worked for me.

4. I focused on the warm feeling behind my stomach that just felt really good and just relaxed into it. Don’t rush it.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/q7nwya/a_great_session/


  1. Edibles highly recommended for longer session. Vape/smoke limits me to 45 mins to 1:15 before the impact is waning.

    Edibles make for 2+ hours of enhancement.

  2. Weed is great. Be a little careful with edibles. Despite enjoying vaping weed a few times a week i had an awful edible experience the other day. I took just (what I thought was a small amount) and had a session with my trident. I started with about 20 minutes of the strongest orgasms of my life, it was almost too much to handle. Unfortunately thinks went south and i spent the next 4 hours being comforted by my sister. Not ideal.

  3. 1. Weed is great
    2. Holding a slight contraction at 10% works great
    3. The do nothing method is also great.
    4. No need to hold firm contractions… gentle is the way

  4. I would love to try a small amount of edibles to enhance a session but it’s very hard to get hold of then in the UK

    Are you all in the US?

  5. For me, holding a slight contraction (10-20%) and directing attention to centres of pleasure are the best enhancers whether doing ALess or any size plug.

    I usually begin with bringing attention to the rosebud… then move inward through the chute and up to the PC and ultimately the “inner jockstrap” (band of muscle right behind the balls that I guess directly contacts the prostate).

    Along the way, I like to bring attention now and then to the head of my cock. This creates a back-and-forth rhythm of pleasure pulses between the cockhead and the anal pleasure centres.

    Also helps later on to direct attention into the low belly and groin – these induce broader flushes of warmth and pleasure that help me melt into a Super-O.

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