1. I bought one and just had my first session the other night – best prostate pleasure I’ve had yet. I haven’t had any Os from p play in just over a year of trying but this toy took me the closest and felt amazing. It’s all about the different vibration patterns on there that don’t desensitise your prostate. I started off with it off to get a feel for the toy, then switched it on the lowest power setting and tried pattern 2, which is like soft knocking vibration on your prostate. That mode already gives you extra compared to a non-vibrating model. Then I switched to number 8, which seems to be pretty random, but throws in a quick, solid buzz of two strong vibrations that actually had me moaning and feeling like I was about to cum. I think this toy is definitely the most likely to get me there, fingers crossed 🤞

  2. I bought one & really like it alot! Highly recommended by me but I am new to P/ orgasms. It does work for me.

  3. Go bigger… that syn model won’t do any better… I went with the Maximus and love it… PO’s almost every session

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