How to get over this bump in the road

Been using aneros for a year or two. I keep getting to a point where there’s a huge build up of pressure in my dick. After about two hours, it Feels like it’s going to explode. After awhile I get frustrated and go to the bathroom which ends the session. The other day I tried pushing it out and I just pissed everywhere XD. Any suggestions on what to do next? Obviously sit back and enjoy, keep practicing. But I wonder if I’m missing something


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  1. Disclaimer: I have not yet super-o’d, but I have had a few “regular” prostate o’s.

    Forgive me if this is a moot point, but make sure you go to the bathroom (both 1 and 2) thoroughly before each session. The pressure you describe could potentially be your bladder, especially with you accidentally pissing lol.

    Otherwise, yes sit back and enjoy but also try meditating, that’s what helps me be in the right mindset. Don’t clench. I meditative and try to focus on feeling the toy inside me (not focus on the pleasure. Accept the pleasure but focus on the neutral “presence” feeling of the toy being there).

    When I get sensations in the rest of my body, I try to focus on them and pointedly ignore my pelvis. That lets the prostate sensations grow “in the background” without me distracting myself.

    Sorry to ramble, just trying to share what has been helping me make progress.

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