1. Can you be more specific as to what you qualify as a dud session? Do you mean feeling absolutely nothing from your prostate?

  2. Yes, it was very common for me at first. I found it helpful to really “listen” to my body. I can tell when I’m not in the mood for that stuff now. I used to force it but it always ended in a dud. Sometimes I will begin to feel a rushing sensation in my prostate. Like it’s hyper sensitive and I can feel the blood rushing through it. That’s a sure sign that it’s gonna be a good night!

  3. My definition of a dud session would be one that seems in the beginning to start out well. Good arousal, good sensations, and then for some reason a little later in the session arousal drops off, sensations go away, mind wonders and boredom starts. Also if you’ve had regular success and start a session with nothing happening at all or after a period of time, that would be a dud session. It happens. It’s just part of the learning process.

  4. Some sessions don’t produce orgasms but give me lots of pleasurable sensations, even strong involuntaries. I don’t call those ones duds.

    For me a dud is when I lose focus and don’t find my way back to involuntaries.

    I find the first couple minutes after insertion are critical to success. I get the best results if the plug feels really sexy in there and I focus strongly on the physical sensations. Involuntaries begin and build quickly.

    If I’m doing A-Less, I can take more time to relax and find the sensations.

  5. If a session is turning into a dud, you can try using it to exercise and tone the sphincters and pelvic floor muscles by manually contracting around your plug.

    And sometimes that restarts the involuntary engine!

  6. I’m my experience, and I guess I’m not too far along the journey, I still consider myself a beginner… It’s normal to happen, disappointing as it may be. I don’t know why, sometimes I guess I’m over eager and my expectations are too high, sometimes I think it’s because I’m not really in the right mood, sometimes I just haven’t given myself enough time between sessions and it’s a bit sore—of course I’m not gonna super-o if it hurts.

    I think it can help to take a break occasionally. Maybe a week, if you’ve been using it regularly without success. Avoid masturbating during this time, I think it can help immensely to be horny when going into a session and nothing gets me hornier than not getting to cum for a while.

    I do think the challenge can really be listening to the signs that stuff is happening. I think it’s too easy to be distracted and ignore subtle feelings that you’re doing the right thing.

    I hope any of this helps. ❤️

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