Best Feeling Ever!

First post. M/30’s/ been at this for a few years.

Pretty sure yesterday was my first Super O! I’d just finished work and had 2 hours to myself. I’d been thinking about my alone time all day and had gotten myself REALLY REALLY horny at this point. Got home, took a long, hot shower, had a few 💨 of 🍃, and just relaxed for 15 listening to lofi. Before I even started with my helix I could tell this was going to be different. My prostate was intensely tingling SOOO much just after a few puffs – not sure why 🍃 does this to me but it does! I started doing aless rolling movements just thinking about putting it in. Got rock hard but ignored it. Lightly pressed helix in halfway….ass swallowed the rest like a hoover!

Two minutes after insertion and BOOOOM massive tingling began crawling up my spine and out to my fingertips and toes. I felt vibrations in my stomach. I could do nothing but lay in the middle of the bed try to be as still as possible and moan. Didn’t want to lose this feeling! Kept as still as possible because it kept getting stronger and stronger and STRONGER! Felt like I was nothing…I didn’t exist…🤤 did rolling contractions super slow at about 30-35% pressure…completely lost track of time and just focused on feeling every little tiny difference when I was rolling my contractions. My whole body felt like the tickle feeling when you hit your elbow on something but it was a VEEEEEERY VEEEERY good feeling — not painful at all but BEST feeling for 90+ mins straight…best way I can describe it! Like static all over my body if that makes sense. Had to stop when wife called. If she didn’t call in that moment not sure how long I would have gone. I was catatonic. The feeling definitely started in my prostate and went out from there to my toes and fingertips. I can still feel it the next day. Can’t stop thinking about it and can’t wait for the next session!

I guess one tip I’d give which has been said before is take your time! Relax, make an evening out of it. Be gentle and REALLY pay attention to your body. We often underestimate our sense of touch. Imagine when someone brushes their hand lightly across your arm and it touches your arm hair. You feel it when you pay attention, you don’t when you’re walking in a crowd of people. When I started really paying attention that’s when it happened. Be that locked in to how you’re feeling in your session but don’t force it. Listen to your body vs. talk if that makes sense.

Hope this helps and I appreciate everyone’s posts here as they’ve really helped me.

Happy massaging everyone!



  1. Congrats! Weed makes this so much eisier.. and its quite a perception changing thing once you have the first super O.. Heres to many more of them for you…

  2. Thanks for the amazing post, and congrats on the super. I’m going to try a couple of your tips, I think they might really help me.

    Laying still might help me. I tend to move a fair amount, maybe I’m chasing it more than I think. And thinking about not allowing myself to move until pleasure overwhelms me is really hot! 😉
    Lately I’ve been paying more attention to my body at all times, and I think I need to follow your example and make a day of it. Create a ritual almost, romance myself, have a hot tub and some edibles to relax before game time. I’m rushing too much, time to slow down and enjoy the whole process.

    Thanks again, great post. Can’t stop reading it. 😊

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