Been playing for awhile. But last week, with the Jr, something happened. I’m hesitant to share as its a little embarrassing but we’re men and adults.

I wanted a fuller feel but not ready for a girthy toy. From
the Aneros suggestions, I bought the Jr
I cleaned up, locked the door and just laid there enjoying my nudity, my dick and the anticipation of this new toy.

It seemed to be sucked into my rectum as it was waiting for it. I shifted on to my back. And started just relaxing, breathing and letting my mind wander.

I began to fantasize about another man,men, entering me and my resistance was futile. I could feel my P spot contracting in the guy pleasure we seek. My dick, not hard, was dripping heavy. I let the fantasy go where it wanted. Things I would never do creeped into my brain. I let my muscles guide the Jr as I thought about co workers nude , playing Aneros games with them. Took everything not to stroke.

Then it started. An image of a gym buddy , only nude and hung, moved to my Jr. my kegels contracting faster. I have found slowing up then speeding brings on better O’s. Then it happened. That warm feeling that I wanted to pee changed to an overwhelming rush of masculine energy. My whole butt was alive and the pleasure quickly spread. I found myself holding on to the headboard as Jr made me thrust my hips and gyrate with pleasure and a need to ejaculate. I easily pulled Jr out, leaving it between my legs. I started to masturbate. As I got very close, I slid Jr back in. My physical orgasms came from the penis and prostate. I was indeed quivering as I wondered if other guys go thorough this. The prostate gave out soon after I ejaculated. I pulled Jr out. Exhausted and a bit sticky, I realized the amount of pleasure fluids my body can release. The Jr is strong and I can’t devote 90 minute sessions a lot. I found that twice a week is awesome. But twice every two weeks is more like it. Please use lots of lube, give in to yourself. Own your manhood and Super O’s will follow. Fantasy is just that. Have fun, boys.