Questions about Do nothing method.

So guys, I’ve been playing with my helix trident for about 6 months now. Since I’ve started actually doing regular sessions and following advice from this page, I’ve been making progress. Nothing on the verge of a prostate O or super O or anything though. However, still enjoy my sessions and I do get pleasure. After doing some research when I first started I decided that I wanted to try going with the do nothing method. I liked the idea of letting go and letting my prostate guide me. Just wandering if this is the wrong choice? Was hoping to hear some opinions/experiences of some people using this method, as well as those not. Anything you have to write would be appreciated! Thanks



  1. Do nothing is the best method by far imo….

    Have had many super O…. when weed is involved…. have only had light super O when sober… shame it’s such a big difference between the 2…

    Just focus on all the small feelings you feel, and if you are starting to clench… slowly release it back…

  2. The do-nothing method worked perfectly for me. With and mostly without a toy inserted.

    Now that I am able to reach prostate orgasms, I have gotten a sense of when I have to clench my sphincter or push to guide myself to more pleasure.

    Enjoy the journey!

  3. To help some here:

    The point of do nothing is to train your mind to be able to focus, in a meditative state, solely on the sensations occuring.

    Once you can do that reliably AND you have let go of pursuing orgasm(you must do the sessions only with the curiosity of exploring and enjoying with no other expectations), you will reach the fabled super O and much more!

    I have gotten to the point after I have gone through 10-13 “waves” where I reach a wave that has me dry ejaculating (dick and prostate pulsating as if I’m ejaculating) for 5-10 minutes which then turns into that exquisite feeling when ejaculate is being forced out for another 2 minutes. Just like that OHHHHH YEEAAAAAAHHHHH feeling as it shoots out but for a continuous 2-4 minutes with no let up and no actual semen. All dry.

    You become able to not only feel the orgasmic waves hitting you, you can actually observe yourself as you are orgasming and……have feels about how you are nonstop orgasming. It’s fucking wild.

    So get really really horny, get slightly high and just feel. just….feel. that’s it.

  4. As experiences and techniques vary from one person to the next, I will add a couple things I’ve noticed for myself.

    1. Do nothing typically works best for me when I focus on my breathing
    2. If for some reason I’m not getting anywhere with do nothing, I will use some rhythmic contractions to “wake up” some sensations, then relax and focus on breathing
    3. If, after 2 I find the sensations disappear, I will repeat 2, then relax and slowly add some contraction until I can clearly feel sensations, hold that contraction until the sensations start to grow, then relax again and focus on breathing

    I believe these aren’t as necessary further down the rewiring process, but these steps got me from having “hit or miss” sessions to consistently enjoyable sessions.

    One more thing- when I first started using “do nothing” I misinterpreted it as “try to do nothing”. As a result I found I was actually fighting involuntary contractions in an attempt to try and keep all my muscles in a relaxed state. I’ve found this to be counter-productive. Within reason, my experience is that you will want to listen to your body and let it do what it wants. Consciously relaxing muscle tension is better done when you find the feel goods are dissipating on you- just do it slowly and let your body take over when it feels right.

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