Mixed signals

I got a Helix Syn a few weeks back. The first night I used it I was doing basic experimenting, not trying best practice. You know, various kegel exercises, mostly focusing on comfort and discomfort.

That first night I found that when I flexed in a way to make it go deep, I felt a point where it felt really good and practiced rubbing this spot. I was at near 100% flex and I swear I almost came a few times, but the muscles were too fatigued by this point. Over the next several sessions I was trying various positions, duration, and strengths but always came back to this deep one and always kept feeling close to orgasm.

Finally feeling comfortable with the amount of lube, position, and kegel practice, I decided it was time to follow best practice. I feel nothing at all. After a 1.5 hour session I decided just to try doing it deeper again, and again it felt great but I was ready to stop.

I wonder if the Helix model is right for me. It just feels so great just a bit deeper, but I have to flex 100% to reach.

Feels like 1 step forward, 10 steps back. I can sit on a chair and feel more from my prostate. I’ve “almost” had a cargasm a few times now. Tingling all over, felt great.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/r9mxhk/mixed_signals/