Muscle soreness in abs on day after session

After my recent sessions I have been experiencing significant muscle soreness in my abs, especially on the outer parts of them. During sessions I feel some (involuntary) tension in those areas.

Is this a good sign of progress or should I try to relax the muscles more?



  1. It happens. You are using muscles you don’t normally use. It will get better in time as those muscles get stronger. Kegels and more kegels
    I also found wearing a butt plug helps in the anal area.

  2. I get some soreness inside near the prostate… I allow a couple to 4 days in between sessions as a rest.. with my Maximus, I totally beat the hell out of my prostate so no wonder it’s sore… be careful… and please everyone – make sure your prostate is in good health… do not play with any massager if you think there may be an issue… get a psa test done or digital exam by your dr to get a green light for play…

  3. Oh yeh ! – I also use my abs when laying on my stomach my with my cock pointed downwards

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