1. I have driven around the city with mine inserted. In my experience, it feels nice for a little bit but that may be more of a novelty feeling that wares off rather quickly. After that feeling ware’s off, it becomes moderately to extremely uncomfortable. Then I have the dilemma of taking it out or being uncomfortable. If I choose to take it out, where? And where do I store it once it is out?

    I was also intrigued by this and tried it. It is better left being an erotic thought, at least for me.

  2. I’ve worn it overnight many times (use Boy Butter (original version), and a lube shooter to ensure sufficient lube), and at times while working from home and sitting in a chair.

    Moving around and traveling with an Aneros, not a butt plug, isn’t very good, IMHO.

  3. You shouldn’t trap yourself into wearing a plug (or Aneros) beyond your comfort zone.

    When is time for a plug to come out it’s often a NOW situation. I might drive around plugged, but only in a city where I could easily find a bathroom.

    I wouldn’t trap myself on a multi hour car trip as a passenger with a plug in. Might lead to problems you don’t want to have…

    Also, Aneros doesn’t stay in when you stand up or walk, they’re not designed like real butt plugs. You can harness them in place, I have for my daily two mile walks, and it does feel good to walk around with one in, but without the harness they just fall out in like two minutes.

    My advice would be to either not do it, or get a real butt plug instead. B-Vibe Snug Plug for superior comfort or Oxballs Ergo for superior p-spot stimulation would be my recommendation. Stick to smaller plugs for long term wear. You have to be able to expel gas with them in else they’ll pop out.

    Carry a sandwich bag with lube in it, and another bag with wipes. If you want to remove and re-insert your plug, you’ll have lube. If you want to take it out you have wipes to clean it and a bag to store it in while in a public restroom.

    It can be done, but I wouldn’t recommend a long trip as your first experience playing in the wild.

  4. I’ve used my Aneros DeVice, it’s designed for it to be comfortable to sit while wearing. I’ve work it on a hour hour train ride home. But not longer. Digestive system is constantly in motion, poop is inevitable.

  5. If you have not done extended wear at all, do not start with it on any sort of a long distance trip. *Maybe* if it’s on a train and you have your own bathroom.

    It will be awkward if you want to take it out and have to deal with taking it out, cleaning it, storing it. More hassle than it would be worth.

    1) Start trying for some extended wear in the comfort and safety of your own home first. Go with something small to start.

    2) Do normal stuff you’d do. Watch shows, play games, read, cook. Maybe light exercise.

    You can also try falling asleep with one. I’ve started playing around with extended wear with the Syn V and syn Trident, and found the syn V a bit too large – but the Trident relatively comfortable.

    Syn Trident I’ve been able/relatively comfortable doing the following:

    * Walking short distances (1-2 miles at a brisk pace). This is in a very low foot traffic area during the winter, so I’m never really involving anyone in this – which is important to me (granted I don’t think anyone would ever know unless they are getting right up into my ass….at which point, I have some questions).

    * light stretches or yoga poses
    * playing games/watching netflix.
    * talking with friends through gaming apps
    * cooking
    * sleeping

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