2 weeks with Helix Syn V

So I’ve had it 2 weeks and not a lot of time to relax with it but I’ll still ask this question. Doing a good deal of clenching while jacking I can get to a place where I have an almost no hands wet O. But what happens at O-time is my ass grips the toy and my dickhead really clenches up and out comes the juice. It’s a sensation of extreme tension not extreme release. Wondering what I am doing wrong.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/rhezjg/2_weeks_with_helix_syn_v/

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  1. So tension is normal tbh. I always feel like my body is tensing up and I’m being lifted up by a string. Then I think about what’s going on and I lose it. You gotta just be mindful and LET GO!

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