Blogging with my Aneros toys

Honestly I’ve always wanted a blog. But never found myself a writer or had anything worth blogging about. I figure that my Aneros toys are worth sharing about. They are my little secret. As a straight man who has spent the last decade putting stuff in his but for pleasure I find the blog concept kinda exhilarating and actually kinda hot. I have been chasing prostate orgasms for years. Honestly Information the subject is lacking, especially from men. I see videos from women about how to have a prostate orgasm or how to give your man one. It’s not like they have a prostate to play with. How would they know? Men are almost quite about it and I see why. As a straight guy things in your rear are taboo. To me, it’s pleasure and feels amazing. And that’s not wrong. I wish us guys could have more info and resources on prostate play. I’ve even consulted porn on the subject and find most of it exaggerated and fake.
I’m going to write about my prostate play, and for those who want to read it and follow along great.

I’m currently laying on my back, with my helix in. Doing some contractions and enjoying it. Im soft, but I’m dripping.
Trying to hold off the shaking to finish typing.